Ethernet Switch and Cables Mania

From what he’s said, dB likes to play with the good cheap variants first to see how they work, and to establish a basis for judging more costly variants of switches and cables…

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Well, actually it’s swings and roundabouts. There is an increase in clarity from a lower noise floor, but the GS105 also seems to imprint some of its sonic character when used as the sole/final switch, so bass has suffered and some instrumental texture compared to just the Cisco. So the Netgear has gone now.

But later today two 2960-8PD switches will be arriving so I can find out whether they make a difference to sound quality in my system compared to the 8TC with built-in power supply and then play with whether two Cisco switches does improve things or not for me.


Along these lines - correct.
Since the reason why the Ethernet is making any difference is not properly understood and explained it is a puzzle without well-defined working parameters, so it is not just a matter of getting the best component, as there is no defined way to evaluate that - apart from in my system musically.

I’m happy with this, as I already have excellent (in my terms) and continually improving performance with just what I’ve put-together right now. I’ve found one so-called ‘quality HiFi cable’ (the Vodka) was for me needed to get the resolution baseline I enjoy - but then how to put the sound at ease with a nice rich harmonic structure. Again - why/how I don’t claim to understand.

The Vodka can clobber the presentation with an over-oppressive dark presentation with poor harmonic-rendering …but it does not have to have the down-side - or at least I’ve found it can be so greatly ameliorated that I don’t find it detracting is what I found by adding the Cat6 ( KabelDirekt 1.5m Cat6 Gigabit Ethernet Cable):

Now since this cost me new £6 delivered compared to 50x more for the Vodka, I’m playing with this end of ancillary parts. It may possibly be helpful to others that just want to improve their presentation at more modest prices.

Also I found that the 2960 was a very cost-effective upgrade - and I only use a very cheap 2940 as my second switch that does not directly feed the HiFi as from what I’m hearing I don’t need better, or it may actually be optimal anyway for unknown reasons.



I may get to that test ahead - certainly the Diamond may interest me as I’ve got-on well with the AQ cables in general terms so far.

The Chord for me suffers - perhaps unfairly with me - in that I’ve not had a great experience with their other cables in that I found they sounded ‘contrived’ and unnatural in my system.
Obviously I respect they are very popular and may eventually try - but the Music one is rather expensive - given I’m improving my Vodka with a £6 cheap cable - I want to get this optimized first as I like to spend the money only where I can’t do better with it elsewhere.


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Or you can power the 2960PD from another switch that supplies poE power from its ports using a UTP ethernet cable. That’s what I’ll be trying: 2960L-16PS > 2960PD. Otherwise seems a bit redundant to purchase a separate power supply that can dirty your mains.

I have a PD model coming sometime today, so I should be able to report back sometime tomorrow my findings.

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Over on the CA/AS forum, some pretty glowing reviews of the Uptone etherRegen starting to trickle in, many of those by current users of the 2960. Of course, it costs 4-20X as much as a 2960 so it had better! (though at $640 still relatively inexpensive compared to many of its audiophile competitors).


:small_blue_diamond: Yes,.and as I used to say…

• Just Listen…As Simply As That.!!

But I’m confused :wink: :thinking:
It seems to me,that some,.almost have ideological “lockouts” when it comes to more expensive cables.

During my whole “hifi-life”,.when we tested something together with others.
And this also in the HiFi and Music-Association I started in 1994,.(see my Profile).
We were known for our tests in large parts of HiFi-Sweden.

So,.everyone has been in agreement when we tested together.
Nobody has had any dissenting opinion…
If it was…Better or Worse.

And we have tested alot,.Hi-fi companies, Distributors, Dealers…for many,many,many years and still,.sending products to us.
Yes it happened,.that even manufacturers overseas,sent products to us because so we would test them.

So I am very surprised that there are “two camps” here.
We can call one group,.the “Tech-spec”-gang.
As well as we,.who just listen and completely ignore the measurement-results.

But we have the same phenomenon in Sweden as well.
They with the highest technical education,.they hear no difference between more expensive cables.
The other hifi-Sweden,.call them the “technical measurement-group in the White Coats” :wink:.

EXCEPT,.when any of these “White Coats” have been with on any of our tests,.they have strangely had the same opinion of a test-result,as the other test-group.
Very strange.!!

:small_orange_diamond:I don’t know what this is due to,.if it’s some kind of ideological “lockouts” when it comes to more expensive cables.

As well,.as how much we analyse this,I do not think we will find any answer.
It is probably easier to win a Nobel prize,.than finding an answer to this question :wink::joy:.

To conclude these reflections on a Tuesday-afternoon,.and to make you even more confused :wink:.
These three powercables below,.heard ALL the difference on,when we tested these in a Cisco 2960-switch this weekend.

• Entreq Atlantis.

• Jorma Design Duality,with Oyaide P/C004.

• A new Swedish prototype,.powercable.

I mention no prices on these cables,.the interesting thing is,that it was easy to hear differences on these in a Cisco 2960-switch.


Peer pressure, of course, is a well-known and powerful thing.

:small_blue_diamond:@Beachcomber,…We are a bit more experienced than that :wink:.

As well,.as everything is tested blindly,and each participant writes down his judgement.
Nobody is allowed to say anything during/after each listening,.before the written judgement is submitted.

/Peder :slightly_smiling_face:

The ‘better - worse’ duality is only valid, IMO, in context of specific system and specific listener.

I’ve heard things that ‘work’ in Active systems that are either a waste of time in Passive or sound worse.
I’ve been in the same room listening to the same system where everyone, except me, was drooling over how wonderful something was sounding that I heard as spitting nasty distortion. In fact this happens so often that I’m amazed I do overlap most of the time to enjoy most HiFi systems I visit.

So the ‘better-worse’ thing is always an indicator for me - only ever that.

Some of my early HiFi mistakes were presuming that someone else’s better would be mine too - then later making too early an assessment of an upgrade, then regretting it at my leisure later.

All comments here - well most anyway, even the perplexed amazed ones - are all interesting and useful to get and retain some context of this stuff.

Manufacturers will claim knowledge and understanding of things that sometimes is not the reason why something really works well, but just that certain things always sound bad - remove them - some things improve - carefully add them - do the Engineering well as that is always good - then give it to the tweakers to tune it up for release! :slightly_smiling_face:
…then keep very quiet about things you do not understand and let everyone else go crazy.



In my test I could see that the diamond was a logical next step for Vodka owners, while it takes some time to get to play and it also has a certain character which might not be liked by all (potentially too focused)… The Chord Music deserves to be tried. It’s a thing which you start to appreciate when you compare it on some specific complex tracks where you can hear how it pumps the bass into your room…

I found the below album and nice testing ground between the AQ Diamond and the Chord Music…

With the music you can almost touch the Big Band…

Wow powercords on cisco…how would you typically classify the change…more open…more detail…more analogue…or more of everything??? Can you try and describe…

More money?

Will that do? :rofl:

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:small_blue_diamond:@Xanthe,…I do not understand,.is it any kind of English humor.??
For it does not seem to be a serious post.


Yes Peder, it is good humour.
The emoji is a good clue for those who would otherwise miss humour.

Best regards, BF


And Xanthe uses emoji now, so we can’t blame her for that post :grinning:
We have no problems to know in which of the 2 camps mentioned by Peder she belongs.

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Peder , what are your thoughts to my questions above?

It’s humor born out of the irony of powering a $30 used switch with an $1100 power cable. I know English irony can be difficult for non-native English speakers, but I would believe the concept is universal.

:small_blue_diamond:@Bluesfan,…Thanks,…We in Sweden don’t lacks humor.
But this,.I don’t think many people in hifi-Sweden understand.

It is probably perceived,.by most in hifi-Sweden who reads this thread.
On the verge of sarcastically and ridicule,.despite an emoji.
Perhaps we should think about how we try to joke,.as this is an international forum,with many cultures represented.