F1 - 2022 Season

It’s the same game as before. The same acquisition has been made to Mercedes in the past but now it’s the other way around.

That’s what’s left of the sport. Fuzz around it, no real challenging races. It seems that even Chess is heading that direction :slight_smile:

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To be noted that so far these are only rumours. What happened to the principle innocent before proven guilty?

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It’s Horner. Innocent? :joy::joy::joy::joy:

Horner is Sunday school boy compared to Wolff (the name tells it all) :sunglasses: :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

How they’d have this figure I don’t know but SKY are saying RBR was £10m over budget. Or an extra 100 engineers in Ferrari speak.

It’s not gonna happen!:joy:

I know. Just having a joke!. As said it should be confidential anyway

Good to see Max acting like a spoilt brat after quali. We win as a team and lose as a team except when it’s the team’s fault unacceptable etc. etc.

FIA are issuing the 2021 budget compliance certificates on 5 Oct, so not long to wait.

Now for something really serious. :wink:

Lewis has avoided a penalty for wearing a nose stud after producing a medical exemption letter.
Mercedes were fined €25k as they submitted a scrutineering form saying he wasn’t wearing anything.

Presumably Mercedes will have to include the price of the nose stud in their spending budget.

Or will they??? Who decides?

Knowing the way accountants work, the budget scrutinisers will be including as much of a teams expenditures as they can. The teams will be arguing this that or the other shouldn’t be included. 2021 was the first year of the cap, there must be a lot of grey areas.

A none story story.

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A £22,000 fine for wearing a nose stud.
What price a Prince Albert? :laughing:


How would they find out?

Ask Nicole Scherzinger?

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If the rumours are true, she would not be able to tell you either.

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Think a duck is looking likely to win tonight. Hopefully the rain will ease and we get a fair race.

What are you suggesting??

They’ve not been together since early this year.
Amicable split.

Apparently and this is just apparently, Lewis prefers to keep sex out of his relationships. Which means that his girlfriends may not know everything about him!

I think he’s the most interesting f1 driver from personal point of view. I would like to see an in depth interview with him. Something like a three hours interview which doesn’t just ask superficial questions but goes into the matter.

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What a boring race.

And too many boring races during the year. I guess we watch it for the occasional gem, but not enough of those. With 24 races next year, let’s hope the vast majority won’t be a yawn fest (they will, of course).

I increasingly dislike the juvenile C4 pre-race coverage.* I’m an old fart, but Walker/Hunt/Palmer had seriousness, dignity and insight and would like to see more of that approach. Liberty/Netflix -bah humbug.

(*That said, Mark Webber is occasionally amusing.)