F1 - 2023 Season

It just has.

Go Fernando, go!

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OOPS. My mistake! I logged onto the results but did not see it was only Q1. Apologies.


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I see Verstappen was knocked out in Q2 and is 15th. Did he crash? Should make things interesting for tomorrow.

I missed Q1 and 2. What happened to Lando?

From the official F1 site:
“Big big news then. Verstappen, who most felt could have cruised to pole tonight whilst doing the crossword in the cockpit, is out in Q2 without setting a time. It sounded a lot like a transmission issue for the Dutchman, who had taken a new gearbox for this weekend.”

Driveshaft broke.

Really pleased that we have a topsy-turvy grid for tomorrow because it is good for the race. A fired-up Max and an eager Charles close together in the middle of the grid could give us some good racing behind the front row. And speaking of the front row, Checo is definitely going to have his hands full with Fernando. Hoping for a great race.


Given it’s a tight track has there been much overtaking before?

I’ll bet 10 shillings that Max has an aggressive race, uses a safety car to dive in for softs and ends up on the podium :wink:

Max and Checo trading fastest laps. That car is unbelievable!

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10 shillings please :grinning:

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Jos is such a bell end. That face of stone while the rest of the team where congratulating Checo and Max.


10s penalty for Alonso. So unlucky

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It’s why I stopped watching F1. What’s the point when the officials have more impact on race outcomes than the drivers and cars? I just deleted all last seasons races without watching, so I thought maybe this year its got better. It hasn’t. All the feel good about Alonso’s podium….then the officials step in again and all you’re left with is a feeling of frustration. If that’s what I want I’ll watch the news.

Aren’t there 2 championships….Driver’s and constructor’s? Why on earth do these FIA nitwits penalise drivers for things like gearbox swaps or pit crew violations when they should be penalising the team? Just dock constructors’ points instead of ruining the racing!
Do they expect Alonso to get out of his car to check no one’s got a jack touching it? I think the whole thing is a bit of a farce.
So that’s my F1 season done. I’ll stick with NASCAR and MotoGP. Proper racing

Alonso didn’t seem that bothered about it in the post race interview. He only loses 3 points and got to spray Champagne on the podium lol. He did stick it to the FIA with his comments though. 35 laps is far too long to be deliberating a penalty

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Alonso podium reinstated! Get in Nando!


Great news. It’s becoming a bit of a farce:
In Alonso’s own words:
“Today is not good for the fans. When you take 35 laps to apply a penalty and to inform about the penalty and you inform after the podium, there’s something really wrong in the system. It is a bit sad for the FIA.”


The last time I watched F1 the wrong guy was made World Champion. So today I watched again for the first time in more than a season….great race and the track really lets you see how fast these guys are going. Then at the end the right guy was on the podium, no wait it was the wrong guy, oh just a minute, no he was the right guy.
But, farcical officiating aside, when there are 2 distinct competitions; constructor and driver, why are drivers made responsible for team cork-ups? Driver errors should get driver penalties and team errors should loose points in the constructors championship. Surely that’s only logical?

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