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I was reading about the IndyCar NXT, and noticed that the weight limit excludes the driver. So they’re essentially doing this already, google suggests the average weight difference between men and women is 20kg. In most other series the weight limit includes the driver AFAIK.

I’m not trying to take away from Chadwick’s win BTW, I was just reading up on the series and thought this was interesting in relation to the quoted remark.

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Can I just add indy next is not very high in the feeder categories. With no potential champions heading there as a stepping stone. Really speaking F4 is a feeder series of merit with higher standards of drivers. I, think Sofia Floersch deserves huge credit having gone up against the best male drivers in the junior categories.
Great win for Jamie but just the first stepping, a way bit early to be talking of F1 as she has readily admitted.

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Mmm what’s gone on on this thread a rather unpleasant tone. Think I’ll give a miss for awhile.


I’ll try to respond seriously (but perhaps you could in return choose slightly different words than you did above, it seems unnecessarily antagonistic).

Is “she” Jamie Chadwick, or any woman? In other words do you think no woman could ever compete, or simply not this particular one?

Assuming we’ll ever have equal opportunity (which as I stated before should start at the bottom, not F1), do you think no woman will make it to the top of motorsports, or perhaps still the majority will be men? Maybe a 90-10 split, 70-30 or … ?

It depends on how exactly top of the motorsport is designed. With a current machinery there’re very little chances for a female to seriously compete with Max, Lando, Charles etc. Then if you specifically make it more ‘friendly’ will it still be a top racing? I mean speed matters here.


At least not no chance. So let’s start by having equal opportunity, and we’ll see where we are in one to two decades. After all, you talk about the top of motorsports, but women are also a rare sight in the feeder championships.

It’s there. What’s the difference for a family who consider a sporting career if they have a boy or a girl? There’re no guarantees of success, no more money for the boys.

Are we just feeding a troll here?


At least it seems that the powers that be have cleansed this thread.



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I’ve removed some posts. Would members please be mindful of forum rules - in particular please refrain from posting anything that might reasonably be considered particularly discriminatory or sexist. Thanks.


Their has been a few F1 female drivers, Desire Wilson is prob the most famous and a few more, not exactly sure of the number but admitedly very few. I would also mention Michelle Mouton who drove rally cars at top level (Group B monsters) and was amazing to watch.


Don’t forget Divina:

Divina Galica - Wikipedia


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Le Mans has welcomed female drivers already a very long time.

This year marks the 92nd anniversary of an unparalleled performance at the 24 Hours of Le Mans. When Odette Siko crossed the finish line in fourth place in 1932, she achieved the best result by a female driver in the history of the race.

… another extract.

In recent years, the famous Iron Dames have made their mark on the international motorsport stage, even winning the Bahrain round of the 2023 FIA WEC . They will be back for the 92nd 24 Hours of Le Mans on 15-16 June. Nearly a centuy later, the impact of Siko and her successors is alive and well at the greatest endurance race in the world.

If I missed anything then please use the flagging tool.

This is so off topic but a woman would never match the physical strength of a man no?
Would a fit woman can withstand G force as well as a fit man?

Mentally i’m sure they are equipped ( tho females usually avoid extreme sports ) but physically can they ever be equal to a man?

I asked a friend of mine who’s into an extreme sport why there are no female riders and he told me there’s something about a woman usually hesitates to make a split second daring decision which requires in a dangerous sport.

Common sense.

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Oh, another thing he told me was women are smarter not to do it. :laughing:


Newey-Ferrari contract signed, 100 million.

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