F1 - 2024 Season

Meanwhile, on track, respect shown.


Saw that but still say a public ‘well done’ would have done him & his reputation (everywhere), no harm at all.

A little common courtesy goes a long way in such a media dependant sport.

A stand-out for me today was the great racing which has often been missing from F1 of late, obviously enabled by the unpredictable weather, but also the wonderful Silverstone circuit, especially the twisty bits, where cars could (shock horror) actually overtake each other, unlike so many circuits nowadays. Today involved so many skills and judgements from the drivers and the teams, which is how a proper racing series should be.

No doubt that Lando and Oscar are the real deal, but both drivers were very upset after the race, McLaren missed out today and that has to hurt, they were by far the quickest team and should have had a driver on that top step of the podium.

McLaren should have handled the situation better, they have had plenty of opportunity to see how not to do it - Ferrari are the masters of the ability to turn a good position into a losing one and did it again today.

Hopefully when Mr Brown and his team do their debrief back at base they’ll see where they went wrong and learn from it.

Overall it was great to have a mixed up race with lots going on, a Brit won the British Grand Prix, that’s good enough for me.

I saw that, Max pulling alongside Lewis and giving him the thumbs up and the response from Lewis was great.

Nice to see.


In my mind, he needs to be more cosistent. Or least as good as Oscar for the spot.

I like Yuki, tho. Hoping he’ll do better still in the current team. but this season, I dunno what’s happening with the RB. The car seems to be a bit wonky.

Congrats to Hamilton. Well done. He certainly deserved the win.
( one more lap and Max would have overtaken him maybe :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:)

yep Max’s father told him 2nd place is a first LOSER.

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I guess Yoss would know about losing then as he never won an F1 race.

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Another great race this weekend! My main takeaway was that Nico Hulkenberg deserves a podium at some point


Well … 'ees not wrong:slightly_smiling_face:

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The second is the first loser.
Enzo Ferrari

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Lando looking good in practice - qualifying is going to be interesting.

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F2 sprint race packing in the entertainment!


How do you solve a problem like Perez?!

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Perez will be gone sooner rather than later and won’t be a problem anymore. He might have flourished in any other team but in Red Bull he was crushed, pity since he was a talented driver.

Russell gets it wrong.

Yea - that was a mess.

Yes but a good front row. Let’s see if their teams make decent calls.

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