F1 - 2024 Season

Yes, ridiculous, different names depending which country they are in.

On a similar subject I listen to Talk sport radio a bit. They appear to be financed mainly but betting adverts, yet they have discussions about how terrible it all is. I notice even in their test match cricket commentary they are updating the betting odds every half hour or so.

I have seen reports in various places that Alex Albon is contracted to drive for Willams until the end of 25 and James Vowles was clear in saying he wouldn’t be leaving before then. Which to me means, OK big teams if you want to talk you better bring your suitcases of cash with you. If I remember correctly, Toto commented how Bottas’s move to Merc from Williams led to them getting a significant discount on engines for the next season.


As Bernie was running F1 in 2008 any in depth investigation will almost certainly show up some very dubious goings on, along with case loads of high denomination currency :grinning:

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Interesting reports in today’s papers re. a power struggle at Red Bull HQ involving, surprise, surprise, a lot of money & several high profile people who want Horner out for reasons that don’t appear clear to me.

There is obviously a lot more to this than reported so far.

My initial though is that it’s not looking good for Horner.

If Red Bull falls apart due to internal fighting, could we see Max at Mercedes next season?

…or Max’s dad brought in as new Team Principle at Red Bull… :grin:


Oooo no, it was always Baby Spice for me :heart_eyes::joy:

Perhaps as the role of team principal sucks up a lot of money when, by and large, it’s a non-technical position, more of an outright leadership role — and when costs and relative values come in to focus, it’s often the leaders who get binned…after which the in-fighting starts.

From the BBC - hearing due this Friday -

I’ve never really been a fan of his, I can’t shake the feeling of an arrogant wotsit. But undoubtedly he’s been a pillar in RBs success. Interesting times ahead if he were to go.

Today in the news Peter Bonnington going to Ferrari.


Interesting, if true.


Adrian Newey exit rumours rumble

Red Bull design expert Adrian Newey is rumoured to have a clause in his contract which would allow him to leave the team if Christian Horner departs.

Horner is currently the subject of an internal investigation into allegations of inappropriate behaviour, which the team principal denies.

According to F1 insider Joe Saward, Newey and Horner are believed to have contracts that ‘protect one another’, meaning if one leaves, the other can as well.

It has never been confirmed by Red Bull but could set off a chain of events if it proves to be true and Horner steps down.

Perhaps I wasn’t so wide of the mark when I suggested Max to Mercedes in a post earlier today?

Piff Paff.

It will be news when events happen. Everything otherwise is tabloid stylie gossip.


There was speculation in the F1 press and other places that following DM’s death there might be some infighting in the Red Bull parent company that could overspill into the race team. Maybe this is what is going on behind the headlines. But as @Jamiewednesday said until we get a statement about the outcome of Friday’s hearing we won’t have anything more than speculation and gossip.

Reports today that RBR have 1st option on Alex Albon but that’s not confirmed.

I suspect now that Alex may have the weight to decide exactly where Alex goes next.

Either way, I doubt he’ll be in a Williams next year, despite being contracted for two more seasons.


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In various news reports this morning ……. Silverstone has been confirmed as the home of the British Grand Prix after BRDC and F1 agreed a new 10-year deal.


Not crazy at all. I mean how can F1 ever not race at Silverstone?

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Yes, it does look like a complete redesign.


Hmm, if both the Ferrari and (particularly) the Mercedes go as well as they look, this year may be more fun!