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Throwing my lot in with this, would be much more functional than just ‘hdmi’.
If clock is selected, it stays on until but is pressed again.


Larger artwork would be nice, there seems to be space, could this be dynamic or at a push clickable and full screen?

A function I use quite often is the ‘Clear Queue’ option from the play window, but I notice this is only available when you’re in the list view, and not the cross-the-screen view. Can it be added here too? (I’ve no idea why it isn’t.)

Is it possible or could it be possible to use the HDMI connection between the ATOM and the TV to display on the TV the content of the ATOM screen or the content of the APP? My ATOM is about 2 meters away under the TV so the screen is quite small at that distance. It would be great to be able to mirror the image on the TV screen.

The HDMI is an input, not an output, so this is not possible.

It “could be possible” if Naim had designed it so, but they didn’t :slight_smile:

If there is a wish to make, i would suggest the team to add Deezer. The product would be more user friendly :slight_smile:

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so I see that Richer Sound is selling Atom’s now…and they advertise it with such picture:

so is this an old pictures (before even the production if this unit started) or is this something we can expect soon? A better, more user friendly interface?

This is a picture which was issued by Naim before the Uniti models reached the market. Unfortunatly, Naim has decided not to release this in the final versions, but these pictures are still all over the internet.

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My UnitiStar lives in the same unit as my TV and is used for audio output when watching TV. It would be nice if the display could be automatically disabled when the HDMI input was selected.

Apologies if this has been covered already!

Set the display to off when playing. This option can be found via the app.

Following on my earlier post. Is it only me who would want to have more options for the now playing display and who is simply bored with current arrangement (large artwork without any song info). Even the simplest one which could be to reverse the order - text with song/artist infomation as a default and when the proximity sensor is triggered the display could change to a full artwork. Just anything which would allow to see whats playing without checking phone, waving in front of the display or presssing button on the remote.
I see sometimes that someone from Naim is commenting - are any plans to amend the now playing display in the pipeline?


No, you are not the only one, but members are not very reliable with regard to searching for existing threads and so on.

If you search for display options you will find many more

Fully agree with you! I only wonder if Naim is willing/ able to implement this … the new streaming platform is with us for quite some years now, if it would be doable, Naim would have updated this already, isn’t it?

Loads of people, including me, have been banging on about this for ages now to no avail. It seems such an obvious oversight there must be a technical reason why it can’t be changed or why it wasn’t like that from the outset. I find the display so frustrating I leave it off.


Other static display options should be doable, I don’t see why not, it’s just a computer display and can display any static picture you send to it.

I suppose that animated ones would not be easy (such as scrolling text), because as far as I know, Naim chooses to not update the screen to keep RFI emissions at bay. (So they send one screen to display and then leave the display to it). I guess they could still add an option for animated display options with the caveat “may be bad for SQ” but that would be a large change to the Naim DNA.

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Thanks @Suedkiez … I’m not that knowledgeable … but then again, any thoughts on why Naim did not implement this (yet)? You know, the Uniti range is on the market for 4-5 years now, so they could have done this already?

No idea, but they haven’t implemented or fixed a lot of things in the app either.

I’m fine with the NDX2 display and really only need the album cover, but I can see that track info or similar would be handy for other devices like the Atom HE that are usually closer to the user. And the playing part is rock solid for me now, and the NDX2 as such does everything I need. But as for the app I have long given up and am using Roon (which is perfect for me together with the NDX2)

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ok if animated display would be bad for the SQ - I am sure at lest an option in the menu ‘keep the small artwork + text’ always on would be doable without compromising the SQ (on the other hand how much RFI emmisions can affect the SQ?)

I would guess that it does not matter what the static image looks like and whether it’s a big album cover picture or a smaller album cover picture together with a picture of some text.

(Next up: new thread about which display color sounds best :joy: I fact I believe some article on the interwebs already had an opinion on that)


I don’t know, but you could also ask the same thing about suspensions, decoupling, cable directions, wire routing, basic electrical design choices, and so on. I’m sure there is much factual research and testing, but there is also a brand identity and that’s a valuable thing to have for a company.

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