Feature request thread

Yes, this was mentioned by some, me included, on the old Forum. It was suggested that this was not achievable then.

Please @Stevesky enable the streamers (Muso, Uniti, ND) to be HQPlayer NAA endpoints.

I’m curious about what you want from HQPlayer? I’m vaguely aware that you could use it via Roon, but to be honest I’ve never bothered to think about adding yet another layer of software to the signal path.

Someone on one of the FB groups asked whether albums on a NAS can be marked as favourites. I couldn’t see that this is allowed now, so perhaps that could be a new add.


demand for more display functions for the uniti range was already mentioned.
I would love to see more user configurable display functions and illumination, too.

For example:

  • 24 hour mode for the clock.
  • Turning on the clock for more than a few seconds even permanent if the user likes
  • Or better: Custom display function for each input: ‘Off’, ‘on’, ‘clock’, etc …
    (For example ‘display on’ only for inputs where the information is changing like streaming or usb. And for others like HDMI or Analogue ‘display off’ or ‘clock’.)
  • Possibility to turn off the complete illumination (incl. Naim logo)
  • Possibility to turn off the illumination of the on/off button during standby
    (Would be great to control some of these functions with the remote)

(Sorry for repeating one or two points …)

Thanks regards

Another one for the display that seems to be quite logical is “show album on actual replay of music, else off (or clock)”.
Would be my preferred one. Currently if I want to see an album on replay I have to live with the display being on for 12 hours later if I pause the music. Not so nice when I pause the music to watch TV


That sounds very good. I totally agree.

HQP is a software alternative to the £3.5k Mscaler hardware approach to upscaling. Most references to it seem to come from N.Europe and N.America - the developer is Finnish.

HQP runs as a server / endpoint in a similar way to roon, and can be integrated (in roon–>Settngs–>Setup) to be controlled via roon. I have it upscaling PCM from 44.1kHz to 352.8kHz, but it needs a powerful 8-core or 10-core processor on the server to run successfully.

For £250 approx it is good value, but is fiddly to set up as it doesn’t have as good a UI as roon - but the principles are similar.

HQP can be run without roon, and some people will run it on a separate server (there is a version upgrade to HQP to run on the Apple M1 processors which looks interesting).

Screenshot from a roon signal path on my PC right now:-


Hmmm, thanks, I could do without an extra £3.5k box on my rack. Maybe something to look at next time I feel the urge to tinker.

  1. Please show the length of the track in minutes:seconds for each song.
  2. Have an info icon or an additional selection when hitting the three dots next to a song. I want more info like sampling rate and bit depth, so like 192k/24 or 44.1/16.
  3. Please do more with the screen on the NDX2! Show what we see on the app for the queue. The album art plus the progress bar at the bottom. Plus the sampling rate and bit depth

All good suggestions. :+1:

  • Lock screen widget for Android
  • All functions controlled via app (clock & brightness currently require remote)
  • 24 hour clock
  • Mode for Screen off unless showing artwork
  • Turn buttons’ backlight off when screen is off
  • Numerical volume in app
  • Support multiroom for external sources like Chromecast
  • External source (Chromecast) volume change should unmute. Same as app or device volume change
  • Don’t auto-reconnect app (and start playing) when device is in standby
  • Rearrange icons in app / automatically put most used ones on the first “page”.

Quite a list already … and everybody wants it to work flawlessly :wink:

The feature request thread is starting to get a head of steam.

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Withdrawing room surely :sweat_smile:

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