Firmware 3.5 any news?

Release date?

According to the sticky 20h ago, although my Uniti still says it’s up to date on 3.4.

Interesting to note that the release notes don’t specify the screen freeze as that seems to be the thing most awaited. And from memory 3.4’s did. But I assume that’s an oversight as reports so far have been that this release would fix it once and for all.

That update relates to the Core. Streamer firmware is in beta testing with no release date set.

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Right. Thanks for pointing that out, should have read more carefully.
Is there any update on an expected release date? At some point Richard mentioned 6 weeks, but that passed 3 weeks ago.

No date has been set. As a member of the Beta Group, though not able to test the new platform firmware, I know that these things are far more complex than might be expected. So it will be ready when it’s ready, which is of course frustrating for those encountering problems. But better for it to be done right, even if it takes a while longer, as I’m sure you’ll agree.

The info I posted recently re. the new App indicated that Naim hope to release the firmware update in late August. But as ever, these things are only released when there’s absolutely confidence that they’re ready to go.

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Partially agree, it takes so long to be ready because IMO they try to do too much in a single release.

But no point in endlessly repeating my view, I explained it a few times already, see these posts for example:

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