Firmware update v. 3.7.0

This thread is intended for us to share our update experiences.

It would be nice to have @Richard.Dane , @clare.newsome and @tomvamos monitoring it.

I’m sure v.3.7 will a grand cru ! :smiley:

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NDX2 has been showing flashing power light since trying to install the update. Continuously 4 flashes followed by 2. When I select the room in the App it is displaying message that streamer is not responding. It’s been doing this for 10 hours now.
Guessing a reboot will be a possible solution unless anyone else has another!

Unfortunately after what feels like an eternity of waiting (since 3.6 came out and was installed in March) the HDMI ARC issue with LG Televisions persists and remain a massive pain point in an otherwise excellent system.

I’m happy to see many of the other minor bug fixes that went into the 3.7 release, along with support for Tidal Connect, however after 8 months of waiting, and numerous reports in these forums about the issue with LG TV’s, I’m blown away that the Naim developers couldn’t get this fixed…especially because it worked perfectly before the 3.6 update!

Please Naim, can you prioritize getting this fixed ASAP?

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That’s a shame. Haven’t tried mine yet. I don’t hold hope.

What is the issue with LG televisions?

Well I can’t say if it’s all LG tv’s but my HDMI input worked flawlessly untill the previous (3.6 I think) update, rendering my HDMI input useless.

Until now is working good and stable version 3.7, but I noticed when playing roon with the screen off and change a track or album in firmware 3.6 before the display turned in showed the track then the album art and after a while it turned off.

Now with 3.7 the display stays constantly off in roon, changing an album or track in roon controlled by an ipad the display never show the new cover art when skipping a track or playing a new album. But if I use the Naim remote the display turns on when skipping or playing a track.

Is this new behavior the correct one or is the 3.6 firmware correct, I kind of liked the more the behavior in the 3.6 firmware of reacting to input and showing the cover art when skipping a track, is there a way of making this come back.


I have same experience w my nd555. Updated w 3.7 but yet to try out.

But personally, i would prefer display to be always off even when skip track via remote control. I guess its personal preferences.

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I’ve moved some posts from other threads to this one. It’s easier for everyone to follow if comment on the latest 3.7 Firmware is kept to the one thread.


perhaps @tomvamos can advise here?

Not to open Pandora’s box but my initial impressions are that compared to previous, this version on my ndx2 requires a little more volume, is a bit more refined in presentation but is also down on bass response, 3.6 Seemed a little punchier


Used the usual IT solution. Turned it off at the mains and powered it up. All sorted. The update has installed and appears to be working fine.

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And yet others insist the opposite….

I would suggest everyone that feels something has changed does a full system power down/ reset to rule out other issues.

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Slightly off-topic from 3.7.

I feel your frustration with HDMI ARC. I have a similar story but with a Samsung TV and a Panasonic soundbar.

Samsung HDMI ARC out to Panasonic HDMI in. Simple ey? Oh no…

The lip-sync was not only a constant problem but also an inconsistent one. Some days good, some days bad. Samsung Technical UK told me not to use it. They suggested using optical from the Sky box direct to the soundbar and missing out the TV. That has been the solution for me. If you delve down into the ARC protocols (a friend has more tech knowledge than I do), they are incredibly difficult to implement. If your TV is processing the picture, that’s where the first syncing issues start. I turned off all the picture processing I could and it did improve sync. But it will never get the audio in front of the picture so you can add delay to correct the sync. In the AV world, most amps take the whole HDMI in and process before the picture is output to the panel/projector.

When Samsung is telling me not to use it… I even tried a brand new Samsung soundbar borrowed from a neighbour. Still some issues.

I also have a 2019 Panasonic panel which suffers from the same issues, so again the solution was optical. I’m in the position that the Sky remotes can be programmed to control soundbars and Naim pre-amps. Not an option for Atoms what with ZigBee though.

If any of my thoughts are incorrect, I apologise!


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to the contrary on my nd5xs2/nait xs3 - all seems louder and punchier ahahaah. But not too much. Very good indeed.

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The need for slightly more volume was my initial impression too.

Problems with Qobuz-Playlists on NDX2

In new created Qobuz-Playlists including 400 - 500 entries with full albums only the first album is played and is selectable.
Older playlists are working.

To clarify, you’ve created a playlist with @5000 tracks? That may be an issue.

Are the earlier playlists that big?

The update added a bug for me: Tidal in Naim app: sometimes the song info gets stuck on the previous song. Cover art does change, song info doesn’t. It happened a couple of times now. Rebooting the app didn’t help.

Paging @tomvamos

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