Firmware update v. 3.7.0

I believe that favourites come from Qobuz, so they’re safe. Dunno about Presets (I don’t use them.

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That’s right. 3rd party favourites are stored on your account with the provider and retrieved/updated by the app.

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Weekend and some brief listening with Chick Corea. Updated without issue and sounding rather fine, credit to the Naim techs for being patient despite the weight of demands from the community and getting a tidy release out.
Once again reminded why I love my system as much as I do!


I’ve updated my NDX 2, everything is working and sounding sweet. My n-SAT’s are sounding like DBLs :wink:


You’ll have to get some DBL’s now just to
be sure…
Did you try the Kanta’s btw?
I’m putting some run in miles on the dial on mine, not had nearly enough listening time of late but getting there gradually.

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No, I’ve decided to hold back for now as i don’t want to upset the addictive synergy that i’m currently experiencing with my system. The SN3 drive the n-SATs really well, much better than my Motive SX2’s.

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Good call, especially if you’re in a sweet spot where you are.
I’ve been plotting a course to adding an XPS DR at some point this year, just need to think how the Fraim stacks up and putting some air between boxes potentially.
On topic, actually dipping in to Tidal a bit more via the iOS app, I still tend to default discovery via Roon but no doubt it’s a beneficial feature and a solid firmware release.


Still trouble with playlists

If I’m loading a server-playlist with 500 tracks (the previously limit) I can only play the first 100. The rest will not be selected in random mode or direct mode.

By the way: the new sound is great!

The factory reset didn’t work, so I’ll just see what Naim Support say next week.

The fact that the green Naim logo is mainly now off suggests something pretty serious has gone wrong.

Any plans for Qobuz Connect?

So sorry to hear that. I would suggest fully powering down and unplugging. Leave overnight and try again tomorrow if you have the time. I will update the support team and see if they can get into this first thing Monday.

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That would be up to Qobuz developing the technology, so is a question for them.

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Many thanks, Clare.
Will do.
Have a great weekend.


After listening with the update for a day or so, to my ear there is a slight improvement in definition and musicality in my system.

One minor point, after listening to one track on some rips (all ripped on a Star), artwork remains displayed on other tracks the screen returns either previous source or icon screen when the track ends. Not really an issue but it has piqued my curiosity as to why this happens.

Thanks Clare

I noticed the app has ‘connect’ as an option wandered if it’s the same
‘connect’ as Tidal

This one uses Chromecast:

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Yep, as shown, that is via Chromecast. A convenient option, but does not support gapless playback and is more processor-intensive; the native implementation in the Naim App is better optimized

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Paracetamol and some vitamin C, oh hang in there actually no….

Just worked out with my dinner guests how to plug the iPad into the 252 with a super long mini headph8ne to DIN cable….

So all is good