Firmware update v. 3.7.0

Update OK! And delighted this afternoon in solitude and tranquility listening to it; possibly it is the tranquility of being able to enjoy music for a while that I had not had for a long time, but to me it sounds like glory, an absolutely accomplished sound that I thank Naim.

I am so comfortable today that I’ll share some photos, in the Systempics thread…


Are you talking App or widget ? if its the App just hold your finger on it and it will give you the option to add to Home Screen .
As for a Naim widget ,well there’s no such thing on my iPhone .

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Widget, it’s on my iPhone and iPad.

Mmm strange as there is no option of a Naim widget on my iPhone or iPad !!

Ignore that , ive just found it on my iPad !!

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Ok so try as I might , I find it impossible to add it to the Home Screen too

After a seamless firmware update Chromecast built-in has now started working again. I am very pleased to be able to instantly cast to my Star once again.

I expect I would have eventually raised my issue on the forum as it has been a problem for quite some time. However, and I say this only half-facetiously, I was concerned that my network would have been blamed!!!

Very happy that the dev team have finally sorted things in respect of Chromecast. There’s no denying that I would have bought the Naim anyway as it makes listening to music such a pleasure but our household is heavily invested in Google/Nest so the Chromecast built-in sealed the deal.


I think the Naim app widget still uses an earlier (“original”) version of widgets; they still show in the left side bar only, and only in a separate list of “legacy” widgets.
I assume, Naim would have to lift the widget to a newer (iOS14+?) API, to use the new / more flexible placement features.

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Unfortunately, IOS 14+ widgets are effectively read-only entities which cannot contain functionality such as transport controls. At best, they can launch the app.

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Yes! Chromecast finally gets updated!
I hope this will improve the latency when starting cast connection!!

Gee. Updated the Nova. All is well…(dang! Did an update with no panic!) and just heard a vocal layer in “Breath” (Dark Side…) I’ve never before heard. On Airplay.

Other dac manufacturers also have problems with LG televisions. Wish I had known before buying a LG television. One manufacturer’s fix was to tell customers to buy a different brand tv.

Yes the annoying thing is that we bought the TV at the same time as the Atom. Then they worked together well for almost a year. I also wish I’d known before as I would have asked which ones worked well on here first. Having never used HDMI audio before I didn’t know it was so difficult to get right.

Thanks Clare. Bit the bullet and updated the ND555 in a few mins without a hitch. Might as well have it operating at full spec as I’m sure my kids will be ‘casting’ & ‘connecting’ when they are here, whatever that means.



I’ve updated ok and wondered if anybody has noticed a difference in SQ.
I’m sure my system sounds more forward and there’s a bit more detail and slightly greater range but wonder if it’s preconceived expectations on my part.


If you read posts further up since the release, several different and contradicting changes were described. Which, IMHO, is to be expected if there is none


Just repeating last night’s listen to Bowie’s “Station To Station”.

Sounds punchier and more detailed after the upload (with which I had zero problems).

Every firmware update from Salisbury always sounds like a sonic upgrade. Marvellous.

One other improvement is that opening the app and connecting to the streamer is now twice the speed it was before.

Question: the update is supposed to enable a size edit for text and image from an Android device. I can’t find this. What am I missing?

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This was a firmware update. The text size was in the recent app update (2.22 on Android), but it’s not size edit in the app but following the system text size

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How much of the changes (if any), brought by the Firmware update, we perceive depends on the system, not only the electronics but also speakers and room acoustics.

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