FlatCap connection to pre-amp and CD player plus headline connection problems

Hi people
I have a naim 92 pre-amp old olive style and a 90 power amp and a flatCap. I’ve just brought a Headline 2 and the NAPSC 2 Thinking I would finally be able to listen to some music that I like.
Had the pull the hole thing out of the sidebord and can’t find my naim booklets. I can’t remember how to set the flatCap up to the pre-amp. Is there a connection that will enable me to use the headline 2 with the older 92 pre-amp

The NAC92 is connected to the Flatcap via a SNAIC5 (band nearest the NAC) - this provides 24V DC power and takes signal from the pre-amp. Then the Flatcap is connected to the NAP90 via a SNAIC4 (band nearest the Flatcap) - this takes signal from the Flatcap to the NAP90.

To connect your Headline just plug the captive DIN5 into one of the tape in/out sockets on the NAC92.

More info here in the forum FAQ:

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Thanks that helped the Headline is up and running :+1:
So heres my third question my CD player isn’t working when the CD cable is run from the CD to the pre-am the only way I can get any sound is to run the flat cap lead to the socket next to the CD out :thinking:.
4th questiion can the flat cap power the CD and the Pre-amm the are more sockets in the back of. Right now it is cofigured as suggested early from the 92 to flatCap and flatCap 90
Sorry guys it’s been quite a while since I’ve touched and of this and I can’t find the booklets of track them down on line. :roll_eyes:
5 questiin any tips on headphones £500 regen that will work really well with the Headline. Might come up short if I fish past the £1000 mark on good quality headphones. I would invest in headphones that will work well with the headline and still offer more if was to change to a better headpone amp. The questiin is all about value for money. Like a hicap would be possible further down the line to power the headline but a supper cap would be out of my reach financially.

It sounds like your CD player may be a CD3.5? In which case you need to fit the paddle link plug to it or else power the analogue output stage with the Flatcap.

Here’s an image from the internet showing the rear of the CD3.5 with the link plug fitted:

Unfortunately, the original Flatcap can only be used to power one item at a time.

There are plenty of fine headphones out there for your budget that will work very nicely with the Headline. FWIW, I recall that it was developed using Beyerdynamic 'phones. The Amirons look rather nice…

So I don’t have that paddle I have a single plug that is sitting in the Aux PS and the other socket which says link I think isn’t covered or plugged. I asum that would be to a DAC ??
So why dose the flat

cap have four sockets??

Dose the link socket have to be blocked with a plug if the Aux PS isn’t being ussed? the CD player will work with the Aux PS going to the flatcap and the link socket unplugged. But I have had some noise. No noise whilst the CD connection is in and the Aux PS is plugged. Downside no sound from the CD player I should have got in her sooner :roll_eyes:
But right now I’m mostly streaming and the Flat cap is better utilised connected to the 92.

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That link plug should not be fitted there. I would remove it ASAP in case it causes damage to the player. That link plug is for the pre-amp and, when correctly fitted, allows it to be powered from the NAP90 without the Flatcap. The link plug for the CD player is a paddle type and fits in the Link socket.

The Flatcap has four DINs because one is for power and signal, and the other three are just for signal.

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I’ve orderd a new paddel for the CD3
but I still don’t understand what the link dose or why it has to be blocked if you are not using a flat cap??
I can see that If I’m not using the Aux PS with a flatcap it should have a plug in the link that covers the Aux PS so thanks for that :grin:
so my next question I’m using
The Flatcap as follows: I have my output socket on my 92 running to conection 4 on the Flatcap and conrction 1 on the Flatcap running to the input on the nap 90
However If I unplug the CD out to the CD input to the pre-amp I get a lot of hum. If I leave the CD cable attached to the pre-amp I don’t get any noise at all. :roll_eyes:
And another question would be why do have two remains signals out left on the Flatcap and what are they ussed for :thinking:??

The Link allows power from the internal PSU of the CD3.5 to power the analog output stage. Without the link it requires external power from a Flatcap.

The CD player is the earth reference for the system, that’s what it’s nice and quiet when the CD player is connected.

There are three stereo signal outs to cover other possibilities, such as a pair or even three sets of amps. In general its better to have too many than too few…

Ok the cd player is off and the cable is out and I’m getting lots of hum what am I doing wrong :thinking:

You need to have the CD player connected and switched on.

I don’t get it what if I didn’t have one :thinking:

I would guess you would have some sort of source? You aren’t going to use it without. For all that, it’s best not to have everything stacked directly on top of each other as this can induce hum from the transformers in the PSU and amp into the pre-amp. Cable dressing is also important to ensure main leads don’t run alongside signal leads or speaker cables.

Thanks Richard my Sonos is streaming my iTunes account at present not the best set up but that’s my source and it works for now. I will plug the CD player back as it knocks the loud!! hum out strait away. Still thinking something is wrong here but it sounds like I’ve got it wired up correctly. :thinking:

Is it humming just when the Sonos is connected - does it hum with no source connected?

Hmmm there is a hum with all sorces removed

Well, it can be like that without an earth reference from the source. Your Sonos won’t give that without some extra earth wiring, so just run with the CD3.5 connected and powered up.

Ok thanks for all your help :+1:

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