Football season 2022 - 2023

As a Wolves fan it was definitely NOT a cracking game. Awful defending and equally awful ref led to our defeat. Also, we cannot score, even from inside the six yard box. Leeds had four chances and took 'em.

Next up semiw easy easy


Winning tip for Brighton ahead of the FA cup semi-final: just avoid going down to nine men. Utd are crap against eleven.


It is fine to disagree but the manner in which you do so matters and it’s hard to disagree with others here who see your distinction between a fan and a supporter as essentially random; more than a little pointless and possessing an element of top trumps about it.

Classifying things makes sense when something appropriate is gained from the classification. The gain here seems to be the satisfaction of being able to say “this is better than that and I am better because I am this”. That may genuinely not be the intent but there is no way of not ending up there when you go down such a daft, pointless road.

As a football fan I want no part in stuff like that and I’ll refer back to my previous post. We are all new fans when we begin and we each support our clubs in the way which works for us. Drawing a distinction between people who go to a game and people who do not is to fall down the rabbit hole of assuming that everyone has the option to attend when many do not and never will.

I’m a season ticket holder and go those away games I can get tickets for; can afford; can be linked into other things like catching up with friends or family and all is balanced with family life. If I was daft enough to tell anyone who couldn’t afford a season ticket or who simply chose listen to us on the radio that they were somehow a lesser or different fan to be I would expect at minimum a fairly strong exchange of words and most likely a good thumping for my arrogance and assumptions.


I’ve been pondering a response but I couldn’t have put it better myself.

I will add though and this is unfortunately the way of modern football that when you brag about being a season ticket holder and because of that are calling yourself more of a fan than someone who is not and you can call this PC if you want you are essentially saying that what puts you above other supporters is money and in any walk of life that is pretty shameful.


What a ridiculous comment. I was merely trying to painstakingly point out the difference between a fan and a supporter. Nothing more. No arrogance/aloofness at all was intended.

It was an opinion. You can agree or disagree. I don’t mind; your opinion is worthless to me.

Some of the responses I have received from some of the contrarians on here have been unwarranted and disproportionate. Let’s move on.

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The problem is not that anyone is “contrarian” here. It’s that you’re trying to painstakingly point out a difference that doesn’t exist and is fairly offensive as @Bobthebuilder rightly notes because it’s ultimately about money (although I might add time and choice in there too).

Your false distinction makes someone who has been to every match home and away for six decades a supporter but they become a fan when a fixed income in retirement or disability means they can only watch or listen remotely.

It means no kid with autism, who is obsessed with their club but whose club don’t have a quiet zone, so they can never cope with attending in person, could ever be a supporter.

It means that every person who has followed their club for a lifetime but is now a full time carer can never be a supporter.

This year I win the lottery to get newly released season tickets. Next year I do not. So, er, this year I’m in your club and next year I’m not.

As I noted earlier there is nothing to be gained from such a false and, yes, sadly, offensive distinction. What precisely is gained from this? As best as we “contrarians” can tell it appears to be a method of self-aggrandisement. A means to elevate some over others.

Basically if you’re living your life and it’s outside the ground then you’re out. Given that many clubs are hideously over-subscribed for season tickets, memberships and walk up tickets are often a non-starter then at best you’re ascribing significance to random events.

Ultimately are you inclusive and do you value all with an interest in your club or do you not.

I know which side of that I want to fall.


Getting back to the football Arsenal passed another test they where supposed to fail and let’s not underestimate Crystal Palace because Citeh needed a late penalty to beat them they have drawn against Newcastle, Liverpool and Brentford recently lost by a goal to but also drew against both Brighton and Man Utd. Defensively they are an excellent side whose record against us at the Emirates was very good.

After getting knocked out of the Europa League we where supposed to loose momentum and loose today but we now sit 8 points above King Haaland and Manchester City, 19 yes 19 points above third placed Man Utd and 20 above TheSpuds in 4th.

Did you go and support the arsenal today. :grin:

Well certainly Fulham pressed the self destruct button today- good for us that they did
The penalty was clear and obvious so the response from Fulham players and Coach is quite extraordinary in that context
Utd will need the first team out to beat Brighton- so Varane back in and Fred not Mctominay


‘After getting knocked out of the Europa League we where supposed to loose momentum and loose today’

I agree and I watched the first half in hope that you would get the wobbles (:flushed:) but alas and fair credit to your boys they dispatched CP and looked pretty fresh /energised in doing so in light that they only played on Thursday PM.

I am still hopefully of a wobble thou so to give us non AFC / MCFC fans / supporters an exciting end of season run in…

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Probably the most extraordinary forty seconds of the season. Understand Silva to some limited extent as he felt they should have been home and dry with the two earlier penalty appeals. Willian did what needed doing and clearly didn’t complain. Mitrovic though.

I hope Silva’s pleas are ignored and a decent length ban and fine are out in place. Had the ref not pedalled backwards at several points he’d have been at risk of something even worse happening.


Any team in the bottom 9 is not safe. I think this is the interesting part of the table.


Went to the Fulham match and as I am sure TV showed, we were truly awful. I used to defend Maguire and McTominay but both typically took two or three touches before playing the ball square - a real difference from the ‘wall pass’ approach that Ten Hag has been so successfully coaching into the team this year. Thank you for your contributions lads, time to go.

With the absence of video screens, and being at the opposite end of the ground, I had no idea what happened with the penalty incident and we only worked out Willian had been sent off by counting the players at the restart. I did however see the Mitrovic incident clearly.

Unfortunately none of us can be surprised when the intimidation of officials is so common - yes I am looking at Bruno and many others. In the absence of a better proposal, time to look at the Rugby Union approach with cards for those who can’t follow it. The example being set to the amateur game is beyond awful.


10 metres further forward with any free kick if a player abuses an official- would welcome this.
In our amateur over 45 years league in Sydney, each team has to put forward some players to referee other games ( or you cant register for the season), some of the abuse dished out at officials by these apparently mature grown ups playing local league football is appalling, I opted not to undertake the referees course as it would probably lead to most players being sent off in the first half!!.
Utd need a much stronger midfield for next season and another Ruud V Nistelroy

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Sadly, the indiscipline and adverse behaviours can go right down to what’s often called ‘Little League’ (~U11s) footie. Around my way, they have suspended games & leagues not because of the actions of the kids, but due to the touchline antics of the parents.


… but that was implanted, albeit for a slightly different reason, and then removed because the refs simply wouldn’t do it.

Do we get the same or similar issues in Women’s football?

If not, why’s that then?

The “extra 10 yard rule for dissent” lasted 4 years.

It was not stopped because referees failed to implement it BUT because players exploited loopholes in the rule.

Defenders, when facing free kicks would break from the wall, meaning the free kick would be moved 10 yards closer to the goal, giving the attacking team less chance of getting the ball up and over the wall.

It came to a head with a David Beckham free kick at Sunderland, and with referees not being given any discretion over how to apply the rule, it was stopped shortly afterwards

The FIFA statement which withdrew consent for the experiment was very clear in asserting that there was confusion amongst referees as to how to implement and this was compounded by those in non-rugby playing countries as to the logic for the rule.

What actually happened in the UK was that most refs simply didn’t apply the rule because it could only be applied when the player had been booked for dissent and there was a feeling that in effect there was a double penalty being applied. Dissent itself did reduce but the number of instances the rule was applied were minimal.

Far from matters coming to a head at Sunderland that was the only documented incident of its type.