Football season 2022 - 2023

That number is misleading. That’s how many non-Qatari’s died between 2011 and 2020. It’s nigh on impossible to determine excess deaths as a result of being a migrant worker in Qatar. That’s not to say there isn’t cause for concern about the conditions and discrimination migrant workers have had to suffer but I do think the media has an obligation to be clear when using statistics.

When the discussion is about why Qatar shouldn’t have been awarded the world cup, surely pointing out the problems the other candidate counties have is valid.

Perhaps I should have also included the South Koreans for eating dogs. :smiley_cat:

I usually enjoy your posts, Fatcat. But you are surely trolling on the topic of Qatar.

The problems in other countries may be worth pointing out, but no one else has bought FIFA and the tournament. And no other host nation was without any football pedigree.

And that’s without the other abuses we all know about.


I’d say I’m playing the devils advocate. :grinning:

I’ve just been watching sky news press preview. One of the previewers stated 6,500 people died building the stadiums and the other indicated that Infantino gave Qatar the world cup. Both incorrect.
I’m more concerned about the fake news coming out of a major broadcaster than the fact Qatar is staging the world cup.
I don’t really care that Qatar bought the world cup, it’s what goes on.

I quite like the FIFA model. Get the rich countries to pay a bribe, distribute the money to poorer countries and obviously take a cut (for expenses).

Then we differ. I loathe the fact that Qatar bought the World Cup, and that the country is so obviously unfit for purpose.

However, your wicked take on the FIFA model is fiscally innovative. Count me in.


Wouldn’t it be nice if the winners, after allowing their team to hold the trophy, handed it back to Infantino in protest.

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Well im going to focus on the football, I have never liked much of what FIFA has done but if I boycotted events because of FIFA - I wouldn’t see any world football. I appreciate that watching the games isn’t going to be for everyone, but I prefer to let the diplomats focus on improving society in Qatar - to add to the long list of other nations that the “west” would like to see improve.

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I would prefer to see the major footballing nations governing bodies stand up and change the way FIFA functions, UEFA needs to stand up to

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So Ronaldo leaves “by mutual consent”. My thought is what a shame Mason Greenwood had to behave in his way otherwise could have become a home grown star

I’d be interested to know how much money “by mutual consent” involves.

MG hasn’t been convicted, so remains innocent. If he is convicted/guilty, he’ll deserve whatever he gets.

According to Telegraph- no payoff - which would be the most appropriate outcome
But the really big news is Glazers putting the club up for sale - thats what many Man U fans have wanted for years


Now that the super League is off the table, the big revenue boost is gone, so not surprised that Utd & Liverpool are both up for sale within months of each other.
They can’t compete with Sportswashing FC (Citeh & Newcastle) so they might as well cash out now.

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