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Gutted that the old joke forum has gone. I used to post a joke a day to all my friends and took the jokes from the forum. I did it for the last year and was going to continue to do it this year too but now all the jokes have gone. Is there any way of getting them back?


I would guess that the old jokes would also be a part of the archive. There’s another “old” jokes thread running on this new forum as well…


Where do I find them please?


They’re in the Padded Cell, as usual. The thread is here;


I should have called it New Jokes!


Sorry where is the link to the archive of the old jokes?


It will be in the forum archive along with everything else when it’s been processed.


The Archive is not ready yet. Should be in a few weeks time.


Going back to my previous post on this thread about long threads, I think the term ‘Pagination’ needs to be at least considered. On this new system the thread seems never ending as the page expansion seems endless, its ok if one has the tools or options to efficiently find the post your looking for and the slider bar on the right hand side is only user efficient for short to medium threads. If ‘pages’ were still used this would not be a problem but it seems ‘Pages’ have gone out of fashion for a strange reason?


I don’t think that’s an available option on this platform. Scrolling and loading seems really fast though, so it should not be a problem.


We’ll I was faked out by the new look and I guess I was already signed in but set up a new account. Same info and my old. Richard, did I screw up?


HI, if you click the ellipsis underneath a post you are able to bookmark a post if you are likely to need quick access again. If it’s something you might not realise you need again the search function is far better than the old forum and when you click on the search result it will take you to the exact post in the thread. Search can be accessed using the magnifying glass icon in the top right of the screen. To jump directly to the post click on the thread title, so when testing this feature to find your post I clicked Forum Feedback. I hope this helps, many thanks.


All looks fine from here.


I apologise if this has already been addressed elsewhere, but is it possible to size photographs selected from the Internet at it was on the Hoop La forum? Thank you.


Clive, I can’t see any facility within the Add an Image function - I’ll see if there’s anything else anywhere. However, it’s probably it’s best to resize them yourself before posting.