Fraim rear leg - new narrow option

I could do with one too but my dealer in France is a bit lost without a part number, he couldn’t order a 4-5 DIN Lavender for instance.

I am waiting so much for the narrow leg.
Will order one soon - think it will take some time to arrive in Germany.
A part number might help a lot.
Does anyone have a picture how it looks like :smiling_face:


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Fraim narrow rear leg - photos;

Front view, top view.



Width measurements?

Less than the original :smirk:.

L - R Front 6.8cms
L-R Rear 3.7cms
Front to Back 5.5cms

All dimensions approx.



Can’t be that hard to make a medium height one surely…

Do you know what the part number is? Cost?

No part numbers on packaging, perhaps email Naim Support directly, my dealer simply ordered Naim Fraim Leg (Slim Black Rear Leg).

Price from your local dealers.


OK, but what did you pay for them? Maybe it can give us a ballpark figure for what we might pay (although I have no idea where you are located).

Given that you’re in the US, I think, and I’m in the UK, my guess would be less than $100, but it depends where you shop does it not?


Thanks for this, my dealer is supposedly on the case.

Next question - does it work ie give clearance for RCA plug to phono input on 222.

Dont forget you can just use another front leg as that’s also narrower than the rear and might work? Plus you can easily buy them in all the heights.
I did just that, plus i used 28mm copper that fits 100% right over the fraim part’s, and gives a very narrow leg.

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do you have a photo of it on your fraim? when installed of course

New narrow rear leg in place.

Does what is says on the tin for the 200 Series.

Note for NC 222/250 owners - whilst reassembling my rack, I mistakenly connected the 222 optical remote out to one of the 250’s remote out sockets, resulting in a massive hissy fit by the 250; no illuminated logo and NO audio whatsoever although the power button remained illuminated. Correcting my schoolboy mistake led to a full resumption of service fortunately :thinking:.



I sure could use one as my Linn Lingo 3 outlet causes a problem. Are there any restrictions re weight, that is can I put one on the bottom shelf in a 5 storey FraimLite rack?

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Well, I’ve just fitted two, one on the top shelf and one on the fourth shelf down…

So far, so good……:innocent:



I’ve heard that it’s more Prat with original leg width.


Is that narrow leg fitted the correct way around, or should the angle still match the shelf angle like with the normal width rear leg?

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Match the rear curve of the shelf…… If you want it the other way round, shouldn’t really matter other than aesthetically.