Freezing screen on NDX 2


Had my NDX2 for almost a year from new.
About once every 10 days the screen freezes.
The only way to clear it is to switch it off at the wall. Not a monumental problem but irritating. Is anyone else having similar problems? Or am I alone in this?

There’s another thread on this:

Apparently it’s due to be fixed in the next software release 3.5

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Thanks bongoman.

Can I ask one of the Naim members of staff what the update on this is, please?

This is primarily a discussion forum rather than a support forum, so you may not get an answer from Naim here unless they happen to notice your post. Better to ask Naim support directly if you want an answer from them.

You are not alone. I have the same issue. We were promised a fix with the last firmware update but clearly it did not work.

I spoke to Naim last week who informed me they have a fix for this which will appear on the 2nd or 3rd August with the next software update. This update has been delayed twice already but hopefully third time lucky.


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