ND555 screen freezing

Not good, same issue with the Nova, but it was solved (ish) as in the occurence is very low now.
BUT, each time you power cycle, the warm up process starts over, very frustrating.

For me one of the reasons for a freeze tends to be linked to how you play music, if you listen to a whole album or playlist no issue, if you flip flop allot then you will freeze.

I play full albums, but often link them in series to form a queue. I’ll even pause the stream as the last note is decaying so as to select the next album before the screen switches to the home screen, which seems to hang on for ages before it goes off. I also very rarely switch to standby - usually only to switch off the (unnecessary) home screen.

As I say above, I’m getting a freeze about every two weeks. I understand the Beta group has been trialing a new firmware release, but since my unit was delivered too late to allow me to join the Beta group, I only have that as a rumour, which I think was ‘leaked’ on the previous forum.

It would be nice to have notification from Naim Audio to tell us what is being done to address the issue, when it expects to release to the wider user base etc.

Clive, I think I was the first Beta tester with a ND555 to notify Naim of this problem they have been working on it and I have been using a Beta update this has solved the screen freezing problem.

So the question remains: when will this be released to the wider user base?

I’d reached the same conclusion with my Nova too - it also happened with playlists so it looks as though it’s related to the queue in some way

Hi, we’ve developed a fix for this this rare issue – it’s available now in Beta if anyone needs it urgently (via Tech Support), but otherwise will be available very soon in a software update - we’ll keep people updated on that. Many thanks

That’s encouraging. I look forward to the fix. Thank you.

Have not seen this frozen screen (yet) on my ND555.

ATB. George.

Interesting… does the fix apply to NDX2 as well ? I’ve had the screen freeze once or twice on mine. Doesnt happen often though.

That is encouraging and reassuring. I am wondering if it has anything to do with computer server?

Yes it does apply to ndx2

Thanks… I dont need the fix urgently - the issue is just a minor irritation… but good to know a fix is coming.

I’ve just encountered my sixth screen freeze incident in about 13 weeks of ownership, so the once-every-two weeks-frequency is affirmed once again. I didn’t get around to calling tech support today to try the beta fix. I’ll try to do so tomorrow.

Had one last evening. Shut down the ND since it was bedtime anyway. Probably around 5th incident in about 10 weeks.

thats not good at all - ive only got a ‘lowly’ nova but its never given me any issues. i’d be banging the table also

Had my first screen freeze on the NDX2, my first after 2 months regular use. Unplugged as suggested and the screen reset.

I’ve just encountered screen freeze number seven on my ND555. I’m just about to call the support team on this one.

According to technical support, with fingers crossed it is planned that a firmware/software update should be released in the second week of April, which should address this as well as a handful of other issues. Fingers crossed indeed.

Hopefully, it will also sort out the occasional flickering display which I’ve been getting. :crossed_fingers:

Its in beta testing now, however for me i have never had a screen freeze on the nd555…so my beta feedback is next to useless. You could ask to join the beta group and try yourself?