Grade A?

I’ve been offered some ‘Grade A’ units by my dealer for an attractive price. They’ll come directly from the factory with full warranty. What does "Grade A’ actually mean in practice and what should I expect?

Ask the dealer!

Probably best ask Naim support or better yet, I’m sure your dealer can enlighten you.

I would guess they are ex show or returns that have been checked and graded.

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Grade A products should be perfect with no faults cosmetic or otherwise.
Grade B products are usually shop soiled or have minor cosmetic flaws.

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My dealer will not touch graded naim products. He thinks it devalues the brand. That’s not to say it is wrong, just his view, which he shares with his naim rep.

I bought my pre as a grade A at a really good discount. Apparently it was a return. I couldnt find a single mark on it. I was/am really happy with it. If I remember correctly the warranty was 2 years not the extended 5 but I might have that worng.


Ref graded meaning:

Ref warranty: (this from Clare a couple of years ago)


It makes naim gear accessible to a broader audience, which adds value to the brand.


cheers Robert, just the info I was looking for

No problem. The only noticeable thing will be the label, the unit itself should be impeccable. (The blue is me highlighting on the photo).


OK, now we know at third hand what your dealer thinks, i.e. according to you. What do YOU think, and on what basis?

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As a repeat buyer of pre-loved Naim units (7 so far… *), I have no problem with Naim releasing Grade A or Grade B items.

More… For Less. Win.

[* 72 - twice, 140, HiCap, 82, CDX2 & XPS2]


What would I do? Well I’d use my eyes to be happy with the grading and the price offered. Ive bought all of my naim olive this way. Just make sure the price offered is in line with what is being offered.
BTW, i don’t agree my my dealer on the graded piece. But, he is very old school.

According to your dealer, what is Naim supposed to do with returned/faulty items? Bin them???


No idea never asked them.

It sounds as though some dealer(s) out there aren’t happy with the mark up vs risk on graded items.

Ascertain the serial number (s) if you can. I was offered via a dealer, a graded Nova, which I declined, since it was already a couple of years old, since the price didn’t truly reflect that. As RD suggests, units may well be ex show or returned to the factory for whatever reason, which may account for the build date versus current range.
In reality if the price and guarantee meets your expectations, with Naim’s track record on quality supported by an excellent service department, you can’t go far wrong. It will be down to your own expectations. Ex-dem units via dealers gives, because they carry warranty and assurance, provide a benchmark for pricing - certainly not private sales, of course. Imho the price should be little more than those levels, regardless of direct from the factory; ymmv.
You haven’t mentioned which units you are interested in, but there have been some terrific bargains available thru’ dealers recently. I just picked up a sealed box NAP250DR, with a very recent build number, at a real cracking price.


I think if you came to resell (on say an auction site) there wouldn’t be a broad understanding in the wider Naim-buying community of what Grade A means and potential buyers might be suspicious and not buy.

I doubt many would think to declare that it was a graded item when they bought it. All of my olive was 2nd hand and could have been graded. I just paid what i thought was a fair price.

My xpsdr was 2nd hand via a remote dealer. Again this could gave been graded, ex dem or just a trade in. Never even considered it.


It’s literally written on the box, so unless sold without original packaging, it’s undeniable.

It’s akin to buying a dealer demo car. Except without the sticker on the box.

I don’t think official “Graded” has been around that long. I had to adjust the label software crystal reports layout to account for longer descriptions that didn’t fit once you added “Naim approved refurbished stock grade a” on the end. That was 2019.

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