Naim Certified Refurbished

Ex-demo units are just stock that has been used by dealers for demos and then sold on at a discount. They can be registered for an extended warranty.

Graded products are different from ex demo, I believe graded by Naim factory, some I have seen at my dealers come with a 5 year warranty. Grading areas may include slight case blemishes, factory repaired units etc
They can represent a good deal, especially with Naim’s service/warranty back up.

Hi @Naim.Marketing hope you’re ok! Can you clarify please on the graded units, are they being incorrectly advertised with 1 year warranty?

I have a Grade A ND5XS2 which had a standard 2 yr warranty from Hifi Corner in Edinburgh. Registered it with Naim and it got the extended 5yr warranty so could have been a system used as a demo or at a show and not registered previously. All refurbished models as I understood it come with a minimum 2yr warranty

I am getting gospel handed down to me as we speak… back shortly.

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Here goes! And please read carefully, as almost every previous answer in this thread is WRONG :slight_smile:

All new product comes with 2 years manufacturer’s warranty and this starts on the date of the customer purchase.
In the UK (only) this can be extended to 5 years if the product(s) is registered within 6 months of customer purchase.

Demonstration-stock units are slightly different in that the 2 year warranty clock starts ticking the day we ship to the retailer - these units are not eligible for the extended 5 years warranty. Any of the 2 years that is left to run when the retailer sells the demo unit on is transferred, but can not be extended.

Warranty for Graded or Naim Refurbished stock - Mu-so and Mu-so Qb = 1 year; Everything else = 2 years


Thanks Clare, I remembered there was something about shipping date being a start date for warranty but not the circumstances.

@Richard.Dane might be a good “sticky” thread?

Claire, as robert_h has indicated, can you confirm the serial numbers indicate exdemo and refurb. :+1:

I’ll post something up. Of course, this is for the UK, other countries may differ depending on the distributor’s warranty terms.


Refurb, definitely yes they (part numbers) are reassigned at the factory. And the box gets a new label, showing the new part number which has a description with “graded” in it.

Ex dem no the part number doesn’t change.

Serial numbers don’t change in these circumstances.

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If I buy something ex-dem from a dealer and register it with Naim, how does Naim know whether it’s ex-dem or not? Presumably it could have just been dealer stock.

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Shipping date in the system, you can see when and to whom it was sent.

Naim would know they’d shipped a unit to a dealer, but would they know if a dealer had used it for demos or not?

Normally you ask for a 282 and they order one in for you. Ex dem they would have had it for a year already.
Brand new untouched unopened sat in a box for a year in the storage room, I guess it could happen but not often. Perhaps the dealer would need to speak to Naim to confirm that’s the case.

Of course, you’re right, dealers almost certainly won’t have a pile of 282s or 252s sitting around in their stock rooms!

To further clarify:

@raym55 Serial numbers stay the same - so we can track a product through its lifetime. The only thing that changes is the part number - you get a letter on end (A, B, or C) to denote the Grading category.


Part numbers change Clare! Never the serial, I know that bit.

Updated my original post.

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Again, let me officially clarify here - there’s a lot of potential confusion in this thread!

All kit sold as demo stock is marked as such in Naim system when it is sold to a dealer. Again, this means we can easily track the unit by its serial number, throughout its life.

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The question was specifically about Serial Numbers, so I wanted to clarify :slight_smile:

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I believe there are rules about dealers being able to sell ex-demo stock on - otherwise dealers could constantly churn their demo stock and effectively sell almost new units as ex-demo and undercut other dealers…