Ground Boxes

I came across a piece of kit at a freinds house called the Entreq ground box and wondered if anyone had
any experience of these simple looking boxes in Naim gear?

There have been a few threads on ground boxes. It’s worth a search of the forum.

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What did your friend think about it and what Entreq products did your friend use and where?

I use some Entreq products with great results in my rig (Poseidon, Olympus Ten). Where I found them to work best is against the ground connection on my Lumin U1 mini which is also connected to the shield on BNC which I connect to my 272. I also use Entreq RG45 cable between my EE8 Switch and Lumin which have outperformed a handful of HIFI ethernet cables here. The screen is floating on their ethernet cables and then connected to their ground boxes. I also connect my AAphono GND pin to Entreq which is connected to the RCA that goes to the analoge side of 272.

I recommend you trying to borrow some different things to connect to different places since it’s not a one fits all systems solution. It requires some testing (as most often in HIFI).

Many thanks for your comprhensive reply, my friends thought they were beneficial to the sound very clean, not night and day difference but felt they were a good add on. not sure what the box was I think he said it was entry level.

Hi @Granted ,

I find good earthing is critical to having balanced sound. In my case I use an earthing block:
Earthing Block

I run a wire from this to an earth pin in a plug which I plug into the wall.

I then run a wire to the block from any unit that is not earthed via twin and earth power cable.

In this way everything is earthing back to a common ground.

£10 and I am sorted.


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