Help requested re Qnap and streaming to NDX

Hi, I have semi-successfully set up streaming through my Qnap NAS to play Qobuz on my NDX via Bubble UPNP. Generally working well, but two issues. 1. I can’t change the transcoding settings on Bubble to convert to Wav as that whole section is greyed out. I know others have had this issue. 2. and may be related to first point, I can’t scrub forwards or skip tracks as get an ‘error 710’ code. Any ideas on how to sort without needing a degree in coding? Have read through a bunch of related threads but no obvious answer. Thanks!

Transcode is greyed out because Bubble can’t find the path for ffmpeg that does the transcoding. I can’t remember if it can be sorted on the QNAP or not.

There’s no fast forward or rewind options. Next track should work though.

Thanks - I’m sure you’re right, just don’t know how best to sort. I am also unable to limit the khz rate to 96khz. Any ideas on how to sort that? Thanks! At 192 I get a lot of dropouts, which I suspect is the limitations of the original NDX streaming board.

You can limit Qobuz streams to 24/96 or 16/44.1 in the Qobuz app settings.

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The NDX streaming board was 96kHz IIRC and could be upgraded to 192kHz.
@Richard.Dane could you advise here thanks.

If you do have 192 capability on your NDX then there is no issue at all. Ensure you are using network cable and not WiFi. If there are still issues then it may be down to the QNAP NAS not having enough oomph!
I found the SQ to be miles better using a Raspberry Pi and the transcoding works properly too.

Yes, that’s right, the NDX started out at 96kHz then was upgraded to 192kHz. Earlier units could be updated.

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I would assume that the old 24/96 boards wouldn’t play a 192 stream at all, rather than play it with dropouts.

I can’t recall why but the QNAP can’t handle the ffmpeg functionality so you won’t be able to transcode.

This thread covers the discussion. Bubble Server Won't connect

Basically you can d/l a container that runs bubblesoft and it’ll work correctly.

This thread discusses most of the issues and solutions. Start from the beginning if you can suffer through it.

Here’s where the container install discussion starts. IT works without a hitch.

I can’t recall.

Thank you, really helpful. I think maybe I need to look at an updated NAS, as what I have is a fairly ancient Qnap. I hadn’t realised the NAS would potentially run out of steam itself!

If you have a 192kHz music file you can try playing it via the USB port, this should confirm that you have the updated streaming board.

I’d give the container option a go. It’s pretty simple. I’m not very techy and was able to get it to work without too much fuss.

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Excellent idea :+1:

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Yeah, I’m thankful to @CrystalGipsy for suggesting and helping me out with it. It’s worked great and the transcoding Qobuz/Tidal to wav is a worthwhile improvement.

Thanks everyone. I will try the container solution this evening and will say if I can get it to work. In the meantime, in case helpful for anyone else with hires Qobuz dropout issues, I found a buffer setting in the Bubble app and increased the buffer from 1000s to 2000s. 192 files so far have been playing fine after that.

Just an update on this - I looked into this and found that my QNAP NAS is too old to support Container Station and so it’s not there as an option to install in the app centre. Sounds like it’s going to need a new NAS unless any other ideas as to how to sort!

Raspberry Pi or an old Windows laptop could be used if you have one kicking around.

If you have an iPad you could try MConnectHD as a way to stream Qobuz hires to an NDX, it’s a low cost app and works very well.

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Thanks all. I’m going to try it on my PC first and see how much of a difference the Wav transcoding makes. Increasing the buffer in the Bubble app seems to have made a difference to dropouts at 192. Overall v pleased with getting Qobuz working, just a shame that it can’t scrub through tracks. But overall more stable than the Naim app in staying connected to the NDX and overall responsiveness.

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