Hi line cable

Guys just bought a 5pin to 5 pin high line interconnect for my ndx2 to 252

Is this the right one?


Er, so you’ve just spent a couple of hundred on a cable, and didn’t check first???



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:joy: no
Thought I could sell it on worst case…

Got it for 330… not bad

That Andy has sure got cojones grandes!

Respect ! :grin: :grin:

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Well I counted the pins on the original snaic first…

There are no HiLine snaics (good for you because not all 5-pin snaics have the same internal connections :slight_smile: ) but you got the interconnect anyways

Don’t mess about :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

Nice man. Enjoy! :slightly_smiling_face:

Sorry :crazy_face:

it’ll be fine!

not a bad price either.!

So relieved! Just thought the original cable that comes with the NDX2 looked a bit weedy! And I guess it’s the most important connection as everyone says source is key in Naim hifi!

Well, I’ve just downgraded to that weedy cable because it sounded better :slight_smile:

I’m not on your level of amplification and source though.

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Oh really?

To be honest I think mine sounds great as is… but just thought the cable would make a difference!
Got me worried now ?

Hiline is considered an upgrade, but it can go ‘off’. It might be an good idea to keep the old cable and if you are somehow not satisfied by the music, install the standard cable again and see.

Oh and I did downgrade from a non-Naim cable.

I would say always keep an open mind on cables, there is rarely a consensus on what benefits they bring. For example, I borrowed my dealer’s demo Superlumina DIN cable to try between my NDX and 282, and it did absolutely nothing for me. It’s a £2k cable, and others apparently like it. Superlumina speaker cables, on the other hand, were a dramatic improvement for me, as were a few other interconnects I’ve tried in the past.

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Interesting thread here from a few years ago……

But with the ND555 I’m finding the HiLine just right.


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I switched from Hiline to Superlumina DIN to DIN on my CDS3 some years ago and although costly, it was a very significant improvement. I use the SL now on the CD555, where it is very much at home.

I’ve found the Lavender/grey to be brighter and less smoother than the HiLine. The HiLine also has more richness in the mids (filled out), bass too is fuller and better defined., then there’s the ebb & flow where the HiLine is much more superior in this respect.