Hicap DR

Hi All,
Thought it would be interesting for all to share my experience with HC2-DR.
I own XS2+HC2+CD5si, Cyrus signature phono stage, Thorens Turntable, chord qutest with bluenode and Proac D2 speakers.

Actually, when I added the HC2- not DR, there was no significant change in sound.
I now replaced the HC2 with HC2 DR version and added PSU of Cyrus to the phonostage.

Change is no less than dramatic! Wow!!
Sound became much bigger and detailed.
Up to a point that the volume is significantly higher.
Not just on the turntuble but also on streamer and CD.

I even think that the previous HC2 which I bought 2nd hand was not really working.

Only thing is that now the sound is tooo big.
As if it is too big for my speakers or room…

Would appreciate to hear your experience on that.


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A HICAP in need of a service can be very underwhelming, and can actually make things sound worse than without.


Hi Richard.
Didn’t quite understand…
Are you saying that the previous HC2 was in need for service and the current DR one does actually work?

Maybe a non DR HC2 with XS2 doesn’t really make a change in sound while the DR does. Significantly - up to a point where the sound is too big (loud)

A HICAP definitely makes a big difference in a NAIT XS. However, that’s for one that’s fresh or freshly serviced.


So the difference between the previous HC2 and the new HC2-DR, is not necessarily the DR itself but more related to the condition of the Hicap?

How often should you put Naim equipment in service?

After 8-10 years. See the FAQ on here.


You change the Oil in your Car, so… :thinking:


Like Richard said, the readon for such difference was the old one being not in good nick. Granted that the new DR should be better, i don’t think It will be night & day for the parameters you described. If you still own the old one, use It on the source or viceversa

But… Get It Serviced… please.

Of course!

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P.s. i also found that Powerline gives the XS a nice contribution even without HC

That’s not my experience, at least with XS1. When I put a pre-DR HC on mine, the sound changed dramatically, but not in a way that I enjoyed. I found it rather forced and unrealistic. Your description of the sound as being “tooo big” is a good one. So I don’t think your findings are to do with whether the HC is DR or not, though whether it needs a service will be significant.

Some folk on here do seem to enjoy the NaitXS/HC(DR) combination, but I’m not one of them. I eventually went the SuperNait route.



Hi Roger.
I now starting to realize that the pre DR HC2 was not really functioning… with the existing DR the sound is much bigger but I do hear many layers and sounds that were hidden before.
So I have decided to let it grow on me and decide later on how to subtle the sound.
I feel that there’s no way back.

Just to point out that a year ago I tried the SN3 and the sound too massive (bass) so I stayed with the XS2.

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Hi All again.
I am spending some weekend quality time with the new combination- XS2+HC2(DR) with Thorens+Cyrus signature and inode+chord qetest.

Sound is indeed very big but at the same time very detailed. I like the detalis less the big sound.

Is everyone else here have some experience with this configuration? XS2+HC2(DR)

Would appreciate more opinions…

Many :pray:t2:

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I aslo tried a supernait and prefered the XS2/HCDR combo.
My key to success with the XS2/HCDR combo was definitely speaker choice and system synergy.

Berore happily settling with my current AE509s, I had demoed the XS2/HCDR combo with Spendor D5s and Focal Aria and found the sound unbearable.

IMHO this combo prefer a warmer dynamic sounding speaker.

Wow… thank you for this input.
My combo is with Proac D2Rs… I find them very warm on the bass side with less clarity on the higher notes.
When I hooked them with the SN3 it sounded awful… bass was like washing the floor…

I do hear with my combo more details and bigger sound but it sound like something is not quite subtle on the final experience…

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Come to think about it… I never replaced the SNAIC cable between the previous HC2 and the current HC2-DER… should it matter?

Like most things in this hobby YMMV(system, room, hearing etc). I have the SN3/HiCapDR combo with Proac D2R’s and for me it’s fantastic. Far from awful.

I did have the XS2/HiCap DR combo previously and thought it was wonderful but my speakers at the time frankly sucked.


Have you tried the SN3 and D2Rs by themselves? Without the HC2?
Wonder how do they sound…

When I tried the SN3 with D2Rs it was either with the unserviced former HC2 and direct and it didn’t sound good…

Could me that my room has mass-sound limitation, hence now the HC2-DR are a bit over louded

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