Hifi isolation feet vs overall improvement

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This is my first post on the forum so thank you in advance for reading and any advice you can offer.

My question is with regard to isolation feet for my hifi components and the improvement I may hear.

Currently my units rest on a sturdy sheesham Wood hifi unit with 4 levels although only 2 are really used currently. I have had the unit modified at the rear to open it up at the back so the wiring isn’t under stress.

Whilst the unit looks nice, when I bought it I hadn’t appreciated it will lack some isolation properties compared to Fraim for example. The unit is very sturdy and heavy, but isn’t isolated shelf by shelf I’m afraid.

So, with this in mind I am looking into isolation feet and have found quite a lot of different products, will I notice a decent level of improvement by mounting my DAC and amplifier on some good quality isolation feet?

Also, would these feet be an improvement over the standard feet on my naim units, currently a DAC V1 and 250DR. (Looking to upgrade the the V1 at some point down the line)

Thanks for any help you can give!

Some use isoacoustics devices with great satisfaction.

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There’s quite a lot of info here too:

And loads on the old Naim Forum too.

A vote for Quadraspire QPlus, expensive but they work, whether you like what they do will obviously be down to your system, tastes, ears.
I’m fairly certain there have been comments here that the feet on Naim units are part of the design, so adding isolation feet may be different when placed under existing feet or between the unit case and the support.

i got those, they work great with my s600

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