Hms and Naim speaker cable

Good evening,
I would like to know your opinion on the association HMS Gran Finale and Ampli Naim.
I personally have these cables but there is always a problem of compatibility between Naim electronics and certain cable manufacturers.
Is this the case for HMS?

I believe this is one of those cables with a box of electronics attached so I suspect not. :no_mouth:

I believe the Gran Finale cables have ferrite blocks rather than electronics in the box. Whatever, I’d question the sense of using $2,400 speaker cables with a Nait XS3. Using good sensibly priced cables such as NACA5, TQBII or Witch Hat Phantom would be a much better balance, especially when you consider that the speaker cables cost more than the CD source.

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The ferrites are all along the cable, not in the little box.

Who knows, but why would you want filters or whatever between your amp and your speakers? All they can do is act as a tone control. In my humble opinion it’s bollocks.


I’ve had its cables since my very first Naim system in 1990.
I used them with an Audio Synthesis preamp and then an Audio Synthesis amp.
I’m not going to part with it that’s why today they are on my system and it sounds very good.
I tried the Naca5 at one time, I didn’t like the sound at all, especially in the treble.
I have Ruark Equinox speakers

If you are not going to part with them, why ask the question? You’d think that after 32 years you would have discovered if there was a problem with them.

Because today when reassembling a Naim system I read a lot of articles on the compatibility of speaker cables so for me there may have been a risk, hence my question.
I also looked at the side of the Atlas brand.

I looked at the HMS website for the specs. This is for the “Gran Finale Ls Jubilee”, the only Gran Finale that I can find there:

Inductance is 46.6 nH/m, Capacitance is 2.1 nF/m

I leave the math to you, but it does not look good to me at all


ensure that the cable is low capacitance and of moderate inductance

This one is very high capacitance and very low inductance (it is listed under “low-inductance speaker cables” in the price list):

46.6 nH/m (that’s n as in nano), equals 0.0466 µH per meter if the website is correct
NACA5 has 1 µH per meter, with 3.5 meters minimum and 5-10 m optimum, i.e. 3.5-10 µH.

2.1 nF/m (also n as in nano), equals 2100 pF/m if the website is correct
NACA5 has 16pF/m, i.e. 56-160 pF with 3.5-10 meters

I think this cable is a new record holder amongst “not for Naim” speaker cables.

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I’ve thought I have seen it all :face_with_raised_eyebrow:


It’s like a small city in there.

Thank you for your help I will send an email to HMS and look at Atlas, I know that their test configuration is based on Naim.

I can’t see any “Atlas” cable on their website

That’s a commercial link, which is not allowed here. Maybe delete it to save Richard time.

Why not look at the popular cables tried and tested by Forum members?

ok so without putting a link, you have to go to the Atlas site to see the specifications of the cable.
For the rest I think we can also form our own opinion on other brands

Thanks for the clarification regarding Atlas. The Atlas Element Achromatic Z 2.0 has these specs, according to the website:
Capacitance 78.26 pF/m
Inductance 0.51 µH/m

The inductance is half of NACA5, the capacitance is 4.8 times as high. You would need 7 meters to reach the minimum inductance and 10-20 meters for the optimum. At which lengths you would end up with 546-1560 pF/m capacitance, up to 10-20 times the optimum.

Of other Atlas cables I looked at, some were similar but one had even lower inductance at 0.3x, one had even higher capacitance at 111 pF.

I agree with your comment on NACA5. In my experience with NAIM kit, it is surprisingly poor and there are better cables available, at similar prices.

I doubt most would agree with you regarding NACA5, but in any case, an alternative cable should still provide the values that the designers of the amp recommend

I will look on the ACHROMATIC Z 3.5