Home Audio Fidelity (HAF) DSP filters

Hello Chris, thanks, I didn’t realise that, should’ve read through more of the thread!

@Camphuw @ChrisH I’m wondering how you guys got on with this?

From other fora I realise it doesn’t work for everyone but an early morning session listening to Booker T is just re-emphasising for me how transformative this upgrade has been.


HI @Sloop_John_B , thanks for the follow up, I had really meant to post back.
I messaged Thierry last week to say that I am now at the stage where I dont require any more tweaks.
He very kindly supported me with a couple of extra iterations which helped me get to this point.

In conclusion, I would say that in my system and with my ears, the changes were very subtle with the normal HAF filter.
I definitely prefer the sound with compared to without however if anyone were to press me to explain why, I would have no idea how to do so!
Is this expectation bias? Im not sure, it just sounds a more rounded sound somehow.

However the HAF filter + Crosstalk is very noticeable and is my preference, generally I leave this on all the time now. And this was despite me thinking to start with that it was just ‘too much’!
I find punk/metal music really benefits and I feel almost surrounded by the guitars, a very immersive sound I have to say.
Jazz and well recorded pieces are even more enhanced with this filter.
Occasionally I found it to affect the timing of a track (adversely) but only on a couple of occasions.

I thoroughly enjoyed the experience of doing this and I would say I definitely gained from it.
I think the benefits can vary substantially depending on system / room / ears / expectation.
The customer service provided by Thierry was also great, I have to say.

Look forward to hearing others’ experiences!


Thanks for the reminder - I must get another microphone!


I’ve not got round to this yet, life got in the way, but I’m still planning to. I have new speaker and interconnect cables coming in a week or two so thought it best to wait for them and let them run in first.


I have changed my amp (controls speakers better and partially alleviates the need for room correction) and now listen without DSP. But I will probably ask Thierry for a “minimal” filter with my new set up. I will still have to deal with the fact that my Roon server is not powerful enough to accommodate DSP for DSD


With my, albeit limited, experience I have the opinion that most systems would be improved by using DSP and the case is perhaps stronger where there is minimal DSP needed as there will less likelihood of negative consequences.

Certainly my amp - NAP 300DR is more than capable of running my SL2 speakers, yet I had the upgrade itch. My choices were new speakers (which seemed to be a £7-20k choice) or a new amp -NAP 500DR (£22k). For about £0.25k HAF filters have soothed the itch substantially. (past history tells me never to think I’m cured but I hope I am!).

As I have implied above if anyone is thinking of any upgrade that costs more than £250 I’d strongly recommend thinking long and hard about what issues you are trying to improve and whether they may be room related rather than electronics or cable related.

All the things I’ve read about like grip control, tight bass, sweet treble, timing have all just come together. The ability to have several filters to deal with things like 80s recordings is just the icing n the cake.

Yeah, I’m a convert and must reduce my proselyting, but there have been seismic shifts in my hifi experince in the past 30 years

  1. moving to Naim
  2. Roon
  3. HAF filters

They’re that good.



Well I have finally got of my arse to make some new readings as not bothered since getting my ProAcs but I feel I want to get more out of them so sent them off and awaiting updated filters. Will report back when I have them and had time to listen.


Awesome! I can’t wait to hear your results. I’ve also been meaning to do this again

At least the bass is more in control with these, although I still have issues a 30hz looking at readings has to be room resonance as the ProAcs dont go that low. :slight_smile: more these I am keen on

  • Combination of room/loudspeaker correction (inc. phase/timing) & acoustic crosstalk reduction
  • Specific handling of direct and reverberated sound

although I wont be doing crosstalk yet. I am tempted given Johns experience maybe after I get the basics done.

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I have some room redecorating upcoming. Once this is settled I’ll likely take some measurements again.

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Thierry got back to me all ready. I made a mess of my readings. :frowning: I had left the balance adjusted a bit to right as I tend to compensate as to me it sounds louder on the left. Must be my ears after all I guess.


I had the opposite – normally I would have the balance slightly to the right but put it in the dead centre for the tests - and Thierry noticed the left speaker was louder so included a compensation for it in the filters.


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New readings done this morning and sent off. Hope these are better.

New filters all ready from Thierry. Sounding good with my brief listen, fuller better defined bass, midrange of Tabs is more focused and all has a very nice treble roll off. So far so good. It’s taken off that layer of reverb my room seems to add. Happy customer. More listening in depth tonight but I would say @marcusman just go for it. What’s too loose at 29 euros for an update to new speakers.


Really loving what I am hearing. Icing firmly on the cake. Foot tapping more than ever, it just flows more naturally now. It’s quite a change when I switched back as went cold in to the filters without a session without. Sounds more musical and less hifi now. More listening required which won’t be hard, I don’t think I’ll be going back to not using them.


Good to know! Once I get my room organized (new carpeting and XPSDr) I’ll reach out the Thierry.


It makes me realise again how lively my room actually is. The Tabs are tamer than my old speakers in it by a long way and it was a refreshing change to not have to deal with DSP. But it still does improve on a great speaker. At least now I can listen to vinyl and it will be still damned good without DSP just not as balanced as streaming.


Hello, I’m fairly new to the forum but have been reading many of your posts for the last year so first of all, thank you!

I wanted to share my positive experience with the HAF crosstalk filters in case it helps others decide if they want to try them or not.

For a little background, I jumped in with an Atom, new speakers, and Roon last summer. Prior to that, my speakers were a set of Klipsch THX 5.1 computer speakers. So I am fairly new to all of this. However, I fortunately discovered HAF within a month or two of getting my new system.

The first set of crosstalk filters were neat from a sound effect / wide sound stage perspective. However, after going through a couple rounds of crosstalk filters with Thierry I noticed that the overall 3d sound would change between more and less focused. Think of it like focusing binoculars until you get a clear image. For me there was a crosstalk filter in the middle that gave me the best focused sound. The sound stage wasn’t as wide, but to me it sounded better overall. Where I landed, I don’t think it is too far off from the normal HAF filter I have, but the crosstalk sounds better to me. Maybe it’s all in my head. :grin:

A final note, prior to setting up HAF I did take the time to try to position my speakers such that vocals were fairly focused. Not certain if that impacts the results I got out of the crosstalk filters.


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