Home Screen ND555

Does anyone know if there is something in the roadmap so that I can finally hide: Spotify / USB / Bluetooth from the units Home Screen? They’re disabled in the Naim app, but not honoured by the physical unit’s display which really is annoying. I’ve heard it mentioned a few times now by people, but it never seems to make it into the firmware release?

Thanks in advance

Go into settings select input settings and disable Bluetooth etc note you cannot disable USB you can also arrange the order of the inputs .

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Disabling unused inputs and options degrades the sound. The ND555 was designed to sound best with everything turned ON (unlike the NDS).


This does not remove the Spotify and Bluetooth icons in the home screen, at least not on the NDX2. As far as I know, having Spotify there is a requirement by the Spotify license. Don’t know why Bluetooth can’t be removed (and why USB can’t be disabled/removed)

Why and according to whom? If this is so, do we know why they can be disabled in the first place and without a warning or any mention in the documentation?

I wonder what you are doing that makes them irritating. We rarely use the front screen for anything and the only time we touch the NDX2 is to change inputs or put it in to standby. Despite these superfluous inputs being on the hone screen you don’t see them when cycling through inputs either with the front panel button or the remote, assuming they are disabled in the app of course.

Here - see post 20 and above.

Thanks. If Jason says to keep the inputs enabled, I still wonder how a Naim customer should know if they can’t ask Jason.
Regarding the standby and server thing, Steve Harris said something different when I asked him, namely that server enabled keeps the unit warmed up even if you use standby.

Enabling Server mode is not the same as enabling the server input. The former turns on a built in UPnP server and makes it available over your network. The latter selects a UPnP server as a source.

I know. Steve said that enabling standby and the server mode keeps the unit warmed up even in standby and is an OK alternative option if one wants to use standby (so that the display does not stay on for 12 hours if you have it on during playback and the replay is paused). But OT here, I only mentioned this because it somewhat contradicts what Jason said according to the posts in the firmware thread that was linked above.

My point is that these “I heard from …” things are not always so clear cut and Naim should put a sentence “keep inputs enabled for best SQ” on the input settings screen of the app if this is really how it “was designed” because not everyone can ask Jason.

Nope, as per my initial post, the inputs were disabled in the Naim app. There is no “settings” on the ND555 that you can disable on the device itself using the remote.

I use the remote a fair bit to change Radio stations, which involves using the display and its GUI. I don’t use the Naim app at all other than to try and disable things that can’t be disabled. For dedicated music listening, it’s Roon.

This is about principles and choice. If I have disabled something I don’t expect to still see it still on my Home Screen. I would never use Spotify or Bluetooth so why do I need to see them? especially given my original motivation to buy and use the ND555 - these for me would be considered sacrilege. You buy a high-end streamer for the sole purpose of listening to high-quality music.

This idea of keeping Spotify on the Home Screen because of some esoteric licensing agreement between Naim and Spotify seems stupid. There should be some way retrospectively after the device is sold to the customer to simply remove it as it’s unwanted and unnecessary and I will never be a customer of Spotify.

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Yeah, these types of implicit rules I’ve heard before. If it is official, then make it, otherwise, it should be thrown out by Naim or an official statement made in the documentation. “Disabling inputs could have adverse effects to sound quality”

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Can I have my ND555 unlicensed :=) In all seriousness, I haven’t even connected the aerials for Bluetooth. Presumably the module is actually “off” inside but maybe the USB circuit can’t be disabled - for example does it have any kind of control module?

I have an answer for you. Squares of black electrical tape! Thinking about what you wrote, it would seem entirely logical that inputs that are disabled should disappear, rather than hanging around like the Ghost of Christmas Past.

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Yeah… true, or maybe remove the screen that I never really wanted, or at least one that could be lined up correctly without light bleed :=)

That’s what I am saying. I was making a reply to pcd who wrote that this disables the icons on the home screen, but it does not, as you correctly wrote

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My mistake I assumed you meant Home Screen on a tablet.


With ‘album art’ on (or the display turned off) I don’t see this being an issue. I can ignore it on the app.

However, I have just disabled and re-enabled inputs on my 555.

Can I hear any difference in sound quality?

No. That’s that, then.

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Sounds like you should have purchased a high quality streamer from a different manufacturer then. It doesn’t really seem to match your requirements.
I also have a ND555 - I only use the app - screen is turned off and although serious listening is done from hi-fi sources, I also use it a lot to listen to the radio via Chromecast.

Although I have display turned off during playback, it still comes on occasionally when changing source. The display serves no purpose as far as I can see, as all selections are made through the iPad or iPhone. It would be great if there were an option to turn it off permanently.

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