How do you use your original NDX?

Hi All,
Apologies for brining up an older unit/topic!
I just wanted to ask how/if anyone else is still using their original NDX streamer either through tidal or qobuz via a third party app successfully?

Noddey - welcome!! Hope you enjoy the forums

I’m using my NDX to stream Tidal and very happy with it…

Thanks for the welcome.
Good to hear of a successful user. I unfortunately don’t seem to be able to use mine for either the tidal via the Naim app, or through the upnp via the m connect app. Both options end with the screen displaying input initializing, which leads to a very frustrating listen!
Any suggestions/ideas gratefully received.

Hi, I replaced my NDX with an NDX2 some time ago, but when I had it, I happily used it with Tidal at first. When I found out about BubbleUPnP Server I used that first with Tidal, then Qobuz, and found that it improved sound quality compared to using Tidal in the Naim app.

I recently tried using BubbleUPnP Server again, as it was still running on my NAS, and was surprised to find that with my NDX2 it still provided an uplift to sound quality and have started using it again. I would recommend it to anyone who uses a Naim streamer for either Tidal, Qobuz or local streaming from a NAS.

Is the firmware up to date on your NDX? The last few updates were largely related to Tidal, so you should check that you are running version 4.8.

Thanks for your response chris , checked firmware it is at 4.8 as you rightly said it should be, interesting that you say bubble upnp improves the sound quality, i may try bubble app but i dont think it will help my issue with music stopping.

Tidal dropouts have long been an issue with 1st gen Naim streamers, and Bubble was used by some to get around this problem. The buffer in your streamer isn’t really big enough for Tidal, so using the larger buffer in Bubble often improves reliability. If you have a NAS or computer on your network that can run it, give it a try. It doesn’t cost anything.

I had an NDX until about a year ago. Used almost exclusively for Tidal. I didn’t have any of the issues @ChrisSU suggests with dropouts.

If yours isn’t working it suggests some sort of issue that could be fixed. How are you connecting to your router? What sort of speeds do you get?

Does Tidal work for you outside of the NDX? You can install the Tidal app on your phone and use that to test it.

Have you done a factory reset after the last software update?

Dropouts or not Tidal And Qobuz sound much better using Bubblesoft which is better at buffering and allows you to transcode to WAV. The SQ of Tidal in the Naim app is not very good imo. The Linn app works quite nice and has much better SQ.


The SQ shouldn’t be affected by the app. It’s the streamer that’s doing the streaming. Or are you doing something else?

It’s the streamer and the app to the extent Tidal is integrated in the app. But yes, it’s the streamer and you can’t use Bubblesoft with the Naim app.

Neither did I, despite having a slow internet connection, but many people did, and Bubble was an effective solution for them.

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I use Bubbleupnp server on a Synology NAS to allow Qobuz to work with an original ND5XS (same as an NDX or NDS from a streaming perspective). Since the latest upgrade of Bubbleupnp server this has been rock solid (including Hi-Res streams) using Linn Kazoo as a control point. FWIW I dont bother transcoding to WAV as I am using an NDAC rather than the ND5XS dac.

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Evening, my ndx has had a few resets and i had taken it to my favourite hifi shop and connected to their internet, their tidal, and even their nas. But still having the thing stop on me with the dreaded input initializing on screen. So frustrating as i wanted to trade it in for the NDX2, but dont feel i can whilst it is not working properly.

on your wifi router make sure if you have 2.4g and 5g(might not be typing that right!lol) to only have one switched on. i had both on my router, have been battling with the naim app on my nds for ages. i did this and its pretty solid now

Can you try a wired connection? May remove one element.

May be worth looking at this this thread as well

Hi ,all ways been wired on Internet connection,

Thanks for the link, blimey probs galore ,looks like ndx’s only use is as elaborate door stop ,shame as mine is still under manufacturers warranty for a few more weeks, :rofl:

Another very happy BubbleUPnP user here.

Server installed on a Mac Mini. Their control point on my Android phone. Works very well with my Unitiqute 1 with upgraded streaming board.

As you’re both using a wired connection and have repeated the issue in a different setup, I wonder if your NDX is actually faulty? Might be worth checking with your dealer.