How long have you been waiting for the orderings?

I ordered a hicap and now it’s the 5th week. I know there must be someone has been waiting longer than me. How long have you been waiting for your orders? Has anyone received item already? Thanks!


I ordered a Naim Core on 22nd February and the dealer told me that it is due in W/B 22nd March.

Still awaiting my NAC252, ordered 19th January.

2020 ?? :flushed:

Lol… Sorted

I suspected a ‘lil typo! :wink: I hope it turns up for you soon… I’m sure it will be worth the wait.

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Arriving today it seems :blush:

Congratulations! I am still waiting

Hope your wait isnt too long

Thanks! I will update here

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I ordered a power supply mid-December and I’ve still not even got a delivery date.

Are you in UK or other countries?

This is the latest on wait times I have seen, but as many reported on that thread, some have been waiting longer. There are a number of factors at play including part delays (due to COVID), the factory needing to operate in a COVID safe manner as well as just the pure amount of orders received because people locked down at home have turned to music and upgraded their systems.
I have a new NAC 282 on back order from before Christmas, so way past the 6 weeks indicated above, so if time’s an issue for you, you may wish to see if you can get a better idea of the delivery from your dealer or distributor?

How long did you wait? Have you received yours?

Are you in UK or other country?

Ordered on 19th January. So 7 weeks in my case, since it came today. Already had the SCDR so not constrained by the delays being mentioned with respect to DR components.

Lucky you! Enjoy. I guess Naim enjoy building 252s more than 282s or there’s just a greater financial incentive, haha. My order preceded yours, but I’m still waiting. Hopefully mine will be along shortly. What are you upgrading from?

I’m in the UK. I’m trying to be patient what with everything that’s going on, but I’m getting a bit fed up now.
The longer it goes on, the more I wonder what else I could be spending that money on.