Naim on delay with equipment delivery

Hi everybody,
Some of you experienced in this period some delay on the delivery of Naim equipment, classic series? Maybe the Brexit which does not allow to receive parts as planned and make also export more difficult? Any experience?

I have been told by my dealer that my preamp will take around eight weeks to be delivered by Naim. I don’t know exactly what the issues are, but I imagine making the workshops COVID secure as well as possible supply chain issues caused by COVID and Brexit mean that wait times are slightly extended.
I hope I’m near the end of my wait. I ordered just before Christmas.
I imagine exports will take longer too at this time, although I am sure Naim will have investigated and prepared Brexit options with European distributors, although the last minute agreement between the UK and EU could have thrown in a few curve balls.


COVID safe working conditions are also a factor. I was told 12 weeks today for a NAP500.

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Agree @davebk1 I mentioned that above. I hope I don’t have to wait that long for my 282. But however long it is, I am sure it’ll be worth it. Your 500 will be a huge treat!

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This is the Naim delivery latest posted on my dealer site


Blimey. Thanks @Gazza. My 282’s already late according to that chart 🥲. But with all the goings on of the last few months I’m trying to take a more relaxed approach.

As posted on another thread, don’t forget that demand for audio products during the pandemic has been very high, which has doubtless added additional pressure.


Well, go quick and easy and get a Statement!


Been waiting a few weeks for an XPS DR, and looks like I will be waiting a few more. Though I got a Fraim level for it within a couple weeks.

While B might have a stake in it, I believe it is more a global issue. As posted on another topic, last week our dishwasher broke again. We decided to replace it. The local guy who has done the fridge and tumbledryer could not get stock of the requested model. I gave Miele a ring and the engineer explained that there is a waitlist and stock incoming between 9 and 12 weeks - no guarantees however.

I then started to email / phone call Miele dealers around me and I found one at an hour drive which has precisely one model available which fits my kitchen. Not the model we wanted, but two levels up. Apparently I can knock on the door and it will open.

Anyhow, we decided to go crazy and bought it. She will have the name Corona.

Manufacturing companies can have big issues these days. Some products exist of thousand components and only one missing little thing result in the inability to finalize the production.

I’d not be surprised that items produced in this period fail quicker.


Lots of hifi companies suffering delays at present. My Ultima 6 is looking at three months delay, in top of the three months until wait, as a result of shortage of components. Covid related rather than Brexit apparently

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Interesting. Was browsing John Lewis with my daughter regarding a new TV. I was amazed at how many were out of stock.

The general observation is that the low and high end are available, but the stuff you actually want is not.

Its the perfect time to get expensive toys in.

Mu-so or Statement then. Difficult choice


I avoided the additional delay by buying an ex dem 250DR today. One happy customer and likely happy shop to sell a demonstration item that is not currently doing any demonstrating.


I’ve been waiting on my nap200dr since 12/02/20 hopefully not much longer

It’s not just Naim factory but the supply of parts. I waited nearly 5 months for a non Naim amp because a critical Slovakian parts supplier was in lockdown.

Even were all domestic restrictions to vanish tomorrow, there would still be production backlogs and parts on backorder. I’m currently waiting on a Quadraspire LP case and the response was basically “April at the earliest. We’re making zero promises though. It could be much much longer”

Are deliveries actually taking place of DR products or has production totally ceased?

I am not getting many answers from my dealer right now.

It would be good to get some clarity as to what the situation is right now at Naim HQ.

Production is working at full capacity - though, naturally, with COVID-safe working conditions.

We’re simply seeing demand outstrip supply, in numerous product areas. And remember, we don’t mass-produce: everything is hand-crafted.


Thank you Clare for the prompt response.

Can you give an idea of current approximate lead times on DR upgrade equipment?

Many thanks.