How to completely shut down my New Classic System

Since I’m going on vacation, I want to completely shut down my New Classic system ( Nac 332, Npx 300 and Nap 350 and then pull the power plug (due to the risk of thunderstorms in our area).
But I can only put the system in stand-by mode, where according to the manual you shouldn’t pull the plug.
How can I switch off the system completely?

Turn off the power amps, then put the 332 in standby. Then just pull the plugs. Switch on/switch off sequence is not critical like it was with earlier Naim systems.

Does depend on whether you have enabled “instant on” on the backs of any of them, in which case you have to hold down the power button on the box for a few seconds to make it go into full standby, after that just pull the plug. Otherwise just pull the plug from standby as Chris says.

Assuming you’ve connected the 332 to the 350 with the optical system automation cable, put the system into standby with the Naim App, then press the 332 power button for 4-5 seconds until the 332 disappears from the App screen. Then you can switch off the mains and pull the plugs.


Is that the same procedure for an NSC 222 connected with optical cable to an NC 250?

Absolutely :+1:.


Thanks. I had been wondering………

And, I guess, the Atom, Star and Nova - definitely works for the Atom HE.

I think it’s in the (online) manual somewhere………


I’ve just re-read the manual and it’s far from clear. It never mentions fully powering down (and finally pulling the plug) to, for example, pack away.

Apparently there are 4 power levels, but I can’t see how you would be able to set two of them (Network standby and Network standby with an additional power requirement).

Couldn’t agree more, I was never able to find the full power off sequence in the manual, but there was a post somewhere on the forum , possibly from @110dB, that described the process.

Although I recall the post pointed to the online manual…… I think :thinking:.


First, thanks for the quick reponse, but unfortunately, nothing works.
for clarification i have installed the system automation and activated the standbye mode.

  • pressing the button for 4/5 seconds didnt work
  • the app solution didnt work too, because the 332 didnt work with the app.
    So you recomand me to plug off in the stand bye mode, i am asking, because in the manuel is written: „ Avoid using a mains outlet switch to turn your amplifiers off.“
    Before i had the classic Naim gear, there you could switch off with the switch at the back of the device.

Curious, just had a look and I can’t find a way to get my 222 to full standby mode. I always thought that’s what it was in, but appears if I can wake it up from the app then it’s in network standby. I’ve been switching off from the plug in this mode :man_shrugging:

Yep, I’m similarly confused :flushed:.

That’s strange, it worked for me when I was using an nDAC source and had “Instant On” enabled on the 332 :thinking:

If you’re in full standby then yes, fine to pull the plug.

The manual is saying to avoid doing that if fully powered, which it still is if you press the standby button on the remote when using instant on. In that case it just turns off the logo.

You can’t tell if you’re in full standby or the instant on standby, the boxes look the same. However you can when coming out of standby, if the volume dial does a rotating animation then it was in full standby, if it’s solid when it illuminates then you were in instant on standby.

What do you have the 332 and 350s set to on the rear?

R.T.F.M. :roll_eyes: :rofl:

Just played around with my 222 which is connected to a Nap300dr. It does work, press the standby on either the unit or remote for 5 seconds or so and it shutdowns and the app (and Roon in my case) lose contact with it. When switching back on the white light on the volume rotates and there is a picture on the screen.

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I wish! It’s ridiculous that the manuals don’t cover this properly.

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It’s not covered as far as I can see. But then again I always speed read :wink:

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@themrock Might also want to read this

I have enabled this mode
„ ‘Standby’ mode has an overall power consumption of less than 0.5W. The NAC 332 can be
woken up by pressing the standby button or from the remote control.“