I did a thing ... 500DR to come

Absolutely. I forgot to think on that. The right balance is when the major voice is in the middle.

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The rooster who invented cynicism

You have no idea how bad the condition is, thinking all sounds bad after touching the Balance pod :joy::face_holding_back_tears::roll_eyes:

I think you are pretty safe with the way the balance dial is fitted and wouldn’t worry about it. I also don’t believe the balance is particularly sensitive to the central position. You can be a few millimetres out and it won’t make a jot of difference. I personally don’t mess with the balance much except to give the pot an occasional clean.

A bit of a tip, if you are having any odd sort of ‘phase’ issues like the balance sounds a bit off I’d try switching the earth grounding switch on the ND to the opposite position as this is often the symptom. Just make sure you remember what it’s set to before you start messing as it’s easy to forget!

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Thanks a lot @Geko
For peace of mind (often that s the trick) I brought the balance a micron to the right (where the bass light section of the room is)
This syndrome with slightly different bass wheight is also with vinyl. Don’t think the nd Earth switch will do. It is set to chassis i think.

When you’ve tried as many speaker cables as you’ve done Blackbird and still aren’t satisfied, there’s only one conclusion to draw, right?:sunglasses:

That ascendence has been the best till now yes :blush: Trancendance was a bigger wow moment but so much have changed since. I believe I had 272 and 300DR back then. Actually everything was different except the speakers so good time to bring in the big boys again and see what happens :blush:

You tried both Transcendance and Ascendance against Naca5. What did you hear?

I was serious Drago. I have no balance knob on my preamp, so when I am turning a bit the speakers, I see if the voice is in the middle.

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Kidding - you are never serious :joy::nerd_face:
All fine with me - serious or not :blush:
I would have chosen the naim amp without balance knob if it where an option

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Sooo good …
Love the sound …
This is one of these balance moments …
Will I really try another speaker cable? Dunno

I thought more about whether it is not time for you to think about a speaker replacement after all the cables without being satisfied with the sound?:thinking:

No problem. Happy to help! If you’ve not got anything else connected to the ND then the ground position is fine. If there is something else connected it’s worth trying it floating as a test. It’s say enough to switch and you can’t do any damage.

I’ve been satisfied with the sound since the day I got them. I’ve rarely been unsatisfied in that I don’t want to listen to music with anything I’ve had, but some setups have been better and some not as good but none have been bad. Well a QLN speaker I tried when my Tannoy broke was horrible but it was low level model. And Harbeth SHL5 Plus I never got along with. Have had some Dynaudio and Audio Physics too that just felt bit ordinary and boring. My Eatons just clicked from the first note. The dynamics and scale from a 10” coax single source driver is unique. I think it’s the “perfect speaker” for Jazz which is more or less the only thing I listen to. You should hear that with your speakers too I’m guessing since they use a coax driver :blush:

Otherwise I would have sold them on long time ago :blush: I’m amazed by how they have responded to all upgrades. I thought a supernait 3 I had would be maximum of what I could get out of them but totally wrong. Love them. Source first is indeed true even though all things matter in the end. But I will evaluate other speakers down the road too as I evaluate more or less everything in my setup. I’m a fast runner like @drago and many others. It’s a hobby too :slight_smile: Evaluating products doesn’t mean I don’t like what I have but more being constantly curious. With the Ansuz D2 switch and D2 Ethernet it sounds extremely good now and better than ever before. I could have stayed with EE8+Farad3 for sure and to be honest this D2 switch was not part of my roadmap but I got a good offer and possibility to evaluate and then that was it. I’m still amazed by what a switch and ethernet cable can do. It’s a box upgrade to be honest. The naysayers should be more openminded and evaluate more IMO and don’t always try to find a technical reason for what should work and not :slight_smile:

Maybe Westminister next? :smile:



Today warmer temperature and sound.
This little things - like floating small (electronic) tunes is something I have never heared before.
A lot of 500dr and sigma inside …

Or is it the naca5 / PN effect „dull“ all smooth … kidding.
Will test SL and ks1 some day :joy:

Smoothy recipe

• 3.5m NACA5
• 1 pcs Phoenixnet
• 1pcs lavender
• 1pcs Catsnake
• 1 pcs Sigma

Room temperature +25 degrees celcius. Smoooth! :kissing_heart::wink:

Nope … :rofl:

What about
2cl nap500 (non dr)
2cl nac 552 (non dr)
2pc wh Morgana

All eaton when served warm :joy:


This is the thread where I can be who I am.

I am really taking cable dressing very seriously!
Cost me hours…:nerd_face:
Is there a rule how far away from each other cables should be dressed.
E.g. the whole sigma is crossing a 555 Burndy at 1,5 to 2 cm distance.
Is this fine. In some cases a greater distance is hard to manage.

Any answer welcome :joy:

Edit: I getting old - found my own thread from end of 23. but no clear recommendation for the cable distance :blush:

Need some stacking advice.
Could exchange 2 boxes in the rack.
Currently (bottom to top)

  • 555ps / supercap Olive / free space / 552 head / TT
    Innous zenith 3 on quadraspire top shelf (3 stack = quadraspire because av amp inside.

Could exchange quadraspire with Olive supercap

  • 555ps / zenith / free space / 552 / TT

Is it fine with zenith above the big transformer inside 555ps?


I really love my system.
It is is in balance - to achieve this again (balance was perfect with 52/135/sbl) was expensive :roll_eyes:
Had a friend over yesterday who is not in hifi - he likes it everytime he listens here. He mentioned that that it sounds complete - nothing is pulling itself upfront. All very well together without being any boring or less transparent.
There were some songs where he lately (with vodka and 135) mentioned that the details in the wet speach of the singer were disturbing for him. Now wet speach still there but without being disturbing.
That’s a good resume.
Sound is focused on music - not on effects …