Ignore Function

I did a search and can find no mention of this feature which seems to have been added to the forum software.

Here is a link to it from the Roon forum which uses the same template.

One can hide posts and mute notifications for up to 4 months so I’ll have a more enjoyable start to 2020 than I otherwise would have with this feature active.



Cool. I didn’t know that was there so I’ve muted a couple for four months and will see how it goes. It will be interesting to see how it works in practice and what exactly will be hidden.

Yup super cool, but think of all the fun you’ll miss when not winding up those muted people.

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It is tempting but for threads to make sense and not be disjointed it is probably better to see how they have evolved? You can always skim-read…


Under your profile, Preferences -> Notifications -> Users, one can add users to be “muted” or “ignored”. If someone uses an ad hominem attack I will often add them to my ignore list. Hasn’t happened here, yet.

When I do that all I get is a ‘muted’ option.
No ‘ignore’ option is visible.

The Ignore option is Ignoring me!

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I get an “Add…” button to use for adding ignored users. Apparently it’s not permanent. I can ignore users for a maximum of four months. :frowning: If I ignore someone I want it to be permanent.

You can suppress notifications from certain users in preferences> notifications > users. Unfortunately not ignore.

I’ve just muted 3 people.

2 are total bitches, the other is sooo uncool.

Now that’s just catty!


I must be missing out on all the heated debate requiring this feature.


Witch one am I?:pensive:

He’s a witch! Burn him!

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You most certainly can ignore and the ignored posts are thus displayed,



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It works. That’s helpful. I shall be less argumentative in future.




I can’t see that because I blocked you years ago! :triumph:


How did you block someone ? I could only suppress ( mute) the notifications from some users. But can they still respond to me?

You can ignore posters too, I find it useful.
It is under Preferences > Users in your profile.
I ignore @TiberioMagadino because half of the time I can guess what he’s going to post.


Me too.

I can’t find an ignore function.

Great way to finish the year people, well done. 2020 can be the year to be nice.