Innuos 2.1.0 Direct TIDAL Integration into the Music Library

I’m enjoying the Smart Mixes feature. I’ve always wanted some form of random play with my ND5 XS2 and this fits the bill

Hi all, is everyone’s Tidal stream working ok following 2.1.0 update?
When I stream Tidal on my Zen mini mk 3 there is no sound. And the track skips to another one after 10 seconds.

My albums artwork is not showing on the screen on my Naim Nova after the update.

Have the same issue. Gone back to the Naim app for time being.

There is a new link on Innuos website on how to setup your UPnP Streamer

I think the page has been taken down.
Error 404. Direct from Google search.
EDIT- Able to find instructions through support.

I have already done this process myself. Stored music works through app, but with Tidal no music is playing. Settings states I have Tidal Premium.

I’ve been impatiently waiting for the UPnP playback option in the Sense app. Unfortunately after upgrading to 2.1.0 and trying it. I get similar results as in the past. it work okay for playing a full album, but jumping to other tracks or albums just starts to mess up my SuperUniti, and then the app won’t play any music. Luckily the ZenMini3 has a Co-ax output which I will continue using. Maybe at some point the quarks will be ironed out.

in Server/ settings/ UPnP.

Do you still have this problem?

They’re working on this. In the past (when things were still just the LMS workaround option) jumping around fast could cause problems and even generate an error code on the Naim server. It’s more stable now.

I just tested. It plays one second of track and then goes in a 10-second loop on Tidal.

When playing a Tidal master track in 24bit, it doesn’t display any of the digital file parameters. DAC shows a 16/44 signal and no MQA. In a ‘normal’ 16bit signal, all the detail is there.

Hi Folks,
I’ve just received the 2.10 update to my Zen Mini.
I primarily use Roon, but wanted to try the Sense app with my Zen Mini in UPnP mode.

I’m not seeing any UPnP streamers (my Muso’s) listed via the Sense app (even after refresh).
As the link from Innuos is down for how to setup your UPnP Streamer can anyone advise what the limitations are?

Do all your available UPnP streamers need to be hardwired to network?
Probably me having a senior moment :slight_smile:

You won’t get full MQA unless you have an MQA decoder and Renderer. The Innuos and Naim dont do either . It should however pass through the native bit rate of any MQA files , these can be 44.1/16 , 44.1/24 or 48/24 before any processing.

Are you sure it’s an MQA version you chose to play? Not sure how Innuos shows this info. Roon shows you all the versions of any album that’s available as they tend to have mqa and normal versions of each album. If your on Hifi sub you want get any titles above 44.1/16 only Hifi+ gives your the other rates. But without any MQA hardware your not getting any advantages.

I get the MQA signal when I use the inbuilt streamer with Tidal in the Lyngdorf. Weird!

They will need to be on the same network subnet as the server. That’s about it.

Does sense show you that your choosing an MQA version? If it’s not working then I can assume that it’s not bitperfect somehow as something is breaking the MQA signalling or its not playing the MQA version.

It does but not pulling through to the USB input of the Lyngdorf. Just says playing a 16/44 version

Does the Lyngdorf support MQA by the USB input? Is the same album 24 bit when you use lyngdorfs native streaming is this via Tidal connect or their own app? Just not all MQA files are 24bit. If it is via Lyngdorf then the Innuos implementation is broken.

I have the same 10sec loop with internet radio and some albums (stored on statement). Seems random though, not all the time.