Interesting TV

Cheers Steve,

Watched first two episodes of Sherwood tonight. Excellent so far.


Just had part 4 on, it’s superb.

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It just gets better and better. Hard to see it not winning every award going this year. Superb writing by a proper dramatist. If episodes 5 & 6 as good as the rest then it will join the ranks of the all time great tv dramas IMO


Have been watching Obi Wan on Disney, it’s OKish, nothing spesh imo.

However I’ve given up on pt 6 for the moment. Half of it is filmed in darkness, which may be OK for cinematic viewing or if your TV is in a room with blackout curtains but for anyone else in a normal, well lit room it’s impossible to follow what’s going on!

A little on the Dark Side in your environment then!

Looking fine here in 4K UHD / Dolby Vision.

Ok here too.

The worst series for being dark was Game of Thrones, my partner gave up on it in the end.

I just started to watch the serial movie « Fargo « , on Netflix. I had dismissed it because I thought it was a pale copy of the original Coen brothers movie.
In fact it’s a true delight. I recommend strongly.


Martin Freeman’s performance is excellent.

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Netflix also have Fargo series 2 - 5 available.

1 - 4 I thought managed to retain the quirkiness of the original, but series 5 was a bit meh.


The movie was excellent but I haven’t been able to get to the tv series.

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Sometimes it’s a question of right moment. I tried before Fargo serial and was not involved. But now I am very pleased to watch it. Maybe later I will be tired, who knows.

Can highly recommend Hidden on BBC iPlayer - there are 3 series available, currently.
Its another Welsh Noir - Hinterland is another - also v-good.


A bit of an r.i.p., I see Frank Williams, The Reverend Timothy Farthing from Dad’s Army, has died.

Bar Ian Lavender, I was surprised there were any of the regulars left!


Sherwood - Truth can indeed be stranger than fiction: