Interesting TV

Yes I’m her boss :rofl::rofl::+1:

Did you enjoy it.

Yep, very funny. I liked Colin from accounts also :grin:


Very much in the same vein of humour Pete; this has been another pleasure with some great scripting & brilliant characters. As yet we only have series 1 available here although I believe that there is a second series.

I enjoyed it. My wife was laughing out loud, which is rare when she’s watching the telly.

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2nd season goes to air on the ABC later this year don’t think it’s on Netflix until 2024.

If you have access to Utopia (Kitty is in this as well) on Netflix it’s well worth it as well. It’s an about a government department (infrastructure).

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Thanks Pete, this is a real shame because it looks like Utopia is not on Netflix here - & the trailer looks really promising. We have a few similar-ish series here: Thick of It, Twenty Twelve & W1A - these are all BBC items so I am not sure what of access you might have to any of these.

Glad you guys enjoyed it humour doesn’t always translate across borders.

Finding Les Norton on Prime a really interesting comedy drama. It’s from Australia and is funny and surprising in turns. Love it.

Anyone else binged BBC’s ‘Wolf’? Utterly bananas and (unintentionally) laugh out loud, so quite enjoyable.



It was quite enjoyable, ran out of steam a bit at the end, some good twists along the way.

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Ssshh…Finishing tomorrow ‘live’

I’m cheating here a bit because this ISN’T on TV, though it can be tracked down in French on YouTube.


Judging by the annual this must be 50 years ago. What a series that was! My brother and I watched it as kids. I still remember some of the plots. We watched it for the Mirages and this post was triggered by a picture my sister sent me of a Mirage on static display, on her way through France towards the mountains. She would watch it for Jacques Santi.

We saw the over-dubbed version on the BBC with a Rick Jones theme tune rather than Johnny Halliday. The Aeronauts as opposed to Les Chevaliers du Ciel. These days I try and follow the French language versions that have been posted.

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Total hokum but an acceptable piece of escapism of an evening.


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Absolutely loved the book but couldn’t take to the TV version. Perhaps I should give it another try

The Lost Flowers of Alice Hart on Amazon Prime is very good .

Second series of Invasion on Apple TV. The gloomy cinematography, even outside, is irritating.

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After watching The Woman in the wall ep.1 last night, which was really rather good, I did a bit of internet research into The Laundries.

It is unbelievably shocking stuff and I can’t say here what I really think about the ‘organisations’ behind these for fear of censure but dare I say it only reaffirms my belief about how these shelter behind collective righteousness to carry out their atrocities. The last laundry only closed in 1996 ffs!!


As a huge fan of the books, I really hope they don’t mess this up. The teaser looks promising.

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Haven’t quite figured out why the pilots were parading around in their white shirts and pristine underpants in Episode One of those uploaded videos!

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This was probably key to gaining my sister’s viewership back in the day!

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