Interesting TV

That’s the perennial irony isn’t it? Anyone who seeks power is probably the last person you’d want to have it!


I use a Roku Express 4k. £40 from Asda.

It search function is excellent.

It comes with a mobile app. Hit remote, hit microphone, say what you want to watch. It comes up with results in a few seconds.
20 results for Akira Kurosawa. Some are free, some are not.

What are you interested in. I’ll do a search.


That interface looks quite tidy.

Westerns? Sci-fi?

I probably should use audio searches more on the AppleTV box - I tend to avoid the similarly named app.

My annoyance is possibly more with indidvidual services where if I pause fractionally too long over a movie icon it enlarges the whole thing when I don’t want it to.

Also all the ’skip recap/credits’ stuff I wish I could turn off. Just give me a responsive FF/RW option and I’ll decide myself.

Hah. We just finished watching “Bad Sisters”. Really enjoyed it. Could have been a little pacier at times. Was it maybe 2 episodes too long? Perhaps. But still good.


Just watched the first episode of ‘A Gentleman in Moscow’ from the book by Amor Towles. I loved the book and I absolutely loved the first episode of this series. Ewan McGregor is excellent as Count Rostov and if nothing else, his moustache deserves an Emmy. Unfortunately Paramount + are only releasing an episode per week


Have you tried Talking Pictures TV, it’s on Virgin and Sky.

Lots of old Sci fi and westerns.

Roku voice search doesn’t work with genres. You need to search actors or directors or film titles.
Search John Wayne and it finds lots of westerns.


We don’t have Sky or Virgin unfortunately. Still plenty to watch from various streaming services.

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TPTV also on Freeview, channel 82.
Plenty of westerns, much to dearly beloved’s disgust.
Some of the 50s and 60s sci-fi is good for the comedic value and shows how much film has changed with things like CGI.

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Thanks I was unaware of that as I rarely watch terrestrial, I would have to compete with Mrs AC who watches some channel with all manner of low budget love stories/Murder She Wrote! Will have to tread carefully!

Just in case there is a clash, there is TPTV Encore, watch on your laptop or tablet.

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Thanks. So many options out there!

Ronde Van Vlaanderen.

My favourite cycling race.

Live on Eurosport now. Kick off soon.


Yes, that’s my Sunday sorted also (and next week) :+1:

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From Auntie’s Timeshift strand, a fascinating, if a bit dated (it was broadcast in 2004) look at the good old British pub. On iPlayer:


Brilliant. Thanks for the tip.


Early days - need to watch more than Champion The Wonder Horse! :grinning:


Really pleased to see the return of Professor T to ITV-X. Brilliant acting by Ben Miller in the lead role, alongside a well chosen supporting cast.

Anyone else watched American Rust? Decidedly bleak and downbeat but beginning to grip. (We’re starting from series 1.) Presumably parts of the US are that grim, like some places here in the UK.


We want to watch this, but it seems to be yet another £7.99 per month to fork out.

Mentioned before, 3 Body Problem.

Not normally my thing, too much CGI, historical stuff, science, but am thoroughly enjoying it. Some nice humour and quite intriguing.

That’s the problem, all the services start to add up. With some though I suspect you could dip in and out and binge watch some new things once all the episodes are out.

Paramount+ is a relatively recent one - primarily for Yellowstone (which I didn’t take to but preferred a prequel), but I’ve watched a fair bit of Star Trek on there and Tulsa Kings was very enjoyable. Quite a few movies from past few decades appearing there now.

Very disappointed with Netflix streaming quality of late - it used to be fantastic, I’m really starting to wonder if it’s something to do with the app on the AppleTV box. I’ve tried to ensure the accounts are set for highest streaming quality, but the pixellation and artefact in darker scenes is dire.

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