Interesting TV

Just watched a good film called, The Best of Men.

Charts the new approach to the treatment for spinal injuries during WW2, the beginning and history of the Paralympic Games, starting in Stoke Mandeville by Dr Ludvig Guttmann.


Just watched episode 1 of 3 of “The Fall: Skydive Murder Plot” on Channel 4.
It’s a docudrama based on the true story of a woman who miraculously survived a 4,000 foot parachute jump following someone tampering with her main and reserve parachutes. The “someone” was her husband.
I do remember the story in the news at the time. It combines real life interviews and footage with some of the main participants at the time, notably the wife and the two detectives who brought the case to justice, with dramatic reconstructions of some of the key events.
I’m not sure I like the way the “tricksy” ways the directors have used to interweave fact and drama, but it is a bizarre case and the husband is chillingly psychopathic. I will watch the remaining two episodes tonight.

The last Inside No.9, a little welling up in the room.


Just read that 2 more seasons of Shogun have been commissioned. I assume it’s next two books in the series, Tai-Pan and Gai-Jin.

Not sure how I feel about this. Shogun was a stonkingly great piece of TV, whether the next two are as good or not, the risk is that its magnificence will be diluted.


Started to watch Presumed Innocent on Apple but am immediately put off by the gloomy picture quality which is a common feature of their productions.

An offering from Walter Presents on 4: The Silence.
I’m on series 2 and it’s gripping, if you don’t mind subtitles.


Mrs Pete and I really enjoyed Austin a joint ITV/ABC production starts off in Canberra and ends in London.



Just finished watching Orphan Black on ITVX. I was a little late to this one only discovering it a couple of months ago. Five series follow the stories of cloned sisters (mostly played by Canadian actor Tatania Mislany) and their battle against the scientists who created them. It’s serious, violent and funny. Worth watching.

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