Interesting TV

Slow Horses returns very soon.

Been working our way through Succession (completed) and True Detective (1 series left), both very good, albeit maybe too long.


4th of September. The first 2 episodes on the 4th and the rest every Wednesday throughout October.
I am SOOOOOOOO, looking forward to this.


Just started watching the Veil starring Ellisabeth Moss of Handmaids Tale fame where she plays a British spy who is working for the French secret service and is tasked with bringing a female terrorist to justice, only 2 episodes in and more twists and turns than you can shake a stick at but still a good watch.


Loving ‘Ripley’ here. The B&W cinematography is gorgeous.

Stairs, stairs, stairs!



I re-watched the whole Criminal series in a couple of days, all four sets, in original languages. Perfect, in my opinion - writing, acting, directing at their possible best.
A couple of characters/actors even stand out vs excellence.

I also enjoyed it G. thought the slow pace, which picked up, the B&W cinematography, the locations, the script, and acting were all excellent.

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Started S1 when it first came out and can’t figure out why I stopped. Started again from S1 E1 and I’m half way through S2 just now. Brilliant.

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Watched The Turkish Detective on Beeb last night.

Um…sunday night ‘comfort’ TV with daft plotline, mostly terrible acting, second rate editing and a piss poor script.

But it’s shot well and Mehmet from Eastenders is actually very good. As is his wife in it.

It’s all rather cliched and hackneyed too. But despite all that we’ll give Ep.2 a go later!


I started watching Supacell on Netflix last night. It’s a superhero thing but the twist is that it is set in my endz (lol) - Lewisham - so it is very gritty. Think of Top Boy but with superpowers and you have it about right. Rather enjoying it

1923 - one of the Yellowstone prequels on Paramount+.

Harrison Ford in an older no nonsense cowboy role, but Helen Mirren really shines as his wife as do many others.

Love it, especially with split geographical locations including Africa where one of the family works.

Shocking in places, especially harsh treatment of native Americans by organised religion.

That Sheridan Taylor seems to be an utter genius with prolific output for Paramount+.

Great cinematography again, sumptuous visuals.

Naturally may be of no interest to anyone else, but I love my Westerns/historical fiction.


Only about 40 years late, but we just watched the first episode of " The Singing Detective" with Gambon. Blimey!! Looking forward to the rest.


Interesting. Which platform is it on please?

I found the Yellowstone spin offs just a little too tough, least they’re telling you how it was rather than sugar coat it. I found the treatment in the so called Christian schools made me so damn angry I think I turned it off.

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Don’t try this at home


It’s on Disney + in the UK

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1923 isn’t quite panning out as I expected it to - a few distinctly unpleasant sub-plots in the last couple of episodes I could happily do without, a shame because I’ve found it extremely entertaining for the most part with spectacular locations and lavish cast extras.

Warts and all I guess.

Started ‘Expats’ on Amazon Prime last night. It’s promising, if you can handle how uptight everyone is.


Great documentary on BBC last night. Beautifully filmed. Daley: Olympic Superstar

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I was at the eye hospital yesterday.
When asked why I hadn’t persevered with the new eye drops.
I was ready… I had this photo on my phone.
Got an opthalmic grin.

Yep, I watched that. He can still act a bit of a twit but a proven winner and that’s what mattered most to him.

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