Internet Radio FLAC

I have a Uniti Atom and 3 MuSo QB Second Generation. How do I find Internet Radio in FLAC?

It’s listed in the iRadio unput under the HiDef section.

Thank you. It sounds fantastic!


Hi, Can I get the ‘Hi-Def’ facility on my SuperUniti? I’ve had a look and there’s nothing like HD FLAC :thinking:

No, unfortunately the 1st gen streamers are unable to support the format used by lossless iRadio stations so the HiDef section only appears in the app if you have a 2nd gen model

…….unless you fancy getting your hands dirty…….

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If you don’t want to make your hands dirty by installing it yourself, just program your favorite stations in vTuner.

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Many thanks guys, We’ll impressed by your knowledge. I don’t want to get shut of my beloved SU so I may have a dabble in the techie stuff.:+1:

Mind you, Radio Paradise and, 60 North still sound pretty good anyway if I can’t get a FLAC feed going…


All the best…

Hi Kurt, I haven’t followed every detail of your iRadio thread as I use 2nd gen Naim streamers - are you saying that you can add lossless FLAC stations to vTuner and play them on a 1st gen streamer?

Basiscally, it’s the original OggFlac converted to WAV, but with same bit depth and sampling frequency as the OggFlac

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