Internet radio not working for New Zealand “The Breeze” regional stations


I have several Naim devices (Atom + 2 x Qb) and have listened to various New Zealand internet radio stations for several years, however, a number of them have recently stopped working.

I see that work is underway to restore the Radio New Zealand stations on another thread (Streaming New Zealand Concert Program not available on Vtuner) - thanks!

Would it be possible for someone to take a look at these stations and have the VTuner catalogue updated to restore transmission? The Auckland station works, but the following stations are unavailable when playing on VTuner site:

Many thanks.

While you’re waiting for a fix, you can use AirPlay to cast the stream from a phone to your Naim streamers.

Thanks, yes, we have been using ChromeCast as a workaround.

Looking forward to the station’s return to Internet Radio in the Naim app. :slight_smile:

@Stevesky maybe can help

I did a bit of a search over the weekend to see if I could find a URL for the station stream (so that you could add it through the vtuner website), but everything I’ve managed to find so far are proxies, rather than the actual stream itself.

Hi @m_nz

We’ll have a word word with VTuner and get this fixed.



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Thanks @Stevesky, much appreciated.

Good news - I tested again today and they are all now back online.

Thanks again.

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Anyone having trouble in NZ over Christmas Day accessing internet radio? My Atom all good except for radio… Noticed the glitches over the past month, but now terrible. None connecting…

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I am in New Zealand and yesterday my Focal Naim app went dysfunctional. A number of functions have gone ie the Location search to store radio stations has gone, the Sliding Bar Volume adjustment has stopped working even though it is ticked. I have rebooted the streamer, rebooted the modem, but to no avail. I was wondering if anyone else has experienced this and it seems they have.
Naim……any thoughts? Roger

See the pinned thread. Vtuner is down so it won’t work.

Seems like vtuner is reaching end of the road and should be replaced with something more stable.