Introductions - members from old forum as well as new members


I shall remember your previous avatar fondly, DrMark. It always made me smile.


_Blinks slowly and looks around. The construct comes into focus. _
_All is light, or alternatively mid-greys, or, if I prefer, a still darker grey. _
_I am in a theme! _
I note with dismay that there are ‘Achievement Badges’ to be earned (usage of first emoticon) and a decade on the Forum conveys upon me a trust status of ‘basic user’.
Tentatively pats self with both hands (up and down) and then, finally, sighs.

Rats, I’ve been reincarnated as a slightly fatter and older version of my 2009 self.

The name is a weak pun.

The avatar is a weak cartoon someone drew of me for a wedding invitation before iPhones or artistic skill were invented.

I mostly ask simple, easily-answered questions about why no sound comes out of my hi-fi or which bit to upgrade next.

Occasionally, I commit acts of whimsy balanced by less frequent acts of mild atrocity.

Mostly, I chime in to advocate wider uptake of my own speakers. This is a strict Forum rule and pre-exists even the yellow sticky note (warning me to play nicely) I am seeing to my right.

Very occasionally I manage to solve someone else’s problem.


hello, new member but was previously on the old forum. Same avatar. Glad to post pictures more easily. I lost my community rank, but it doesn’t bother me. I am younger now!


Hi, moved across from the old forum, just had a chance to drop the ‘160’ by getting in quick enough (ha, in your face the other 159 Paul M’s:grinning: - ) Posted & liked a lot on the “what music…” thread. Others know a shed load more than me on a whole pile of stuff so I stayed in the shallow end!


Hello. My name is Bluesfan and I’m a Naimaholic.

Nice to be back. BF




Guilty as charged, my Lord. You must have seen through my cunning disguise…
Nice to be back.

Best regards, BF



I’ve recently joined the old forum and now moved to this one. My forum name is my real name.
I have had a Mu-So for a few years (in the bedroom) and I am now looking to set up a new system in a secondary location based on Magico A3 and Naim Uniti Nova.


Seem to have moved across to the brave new world only losing a " " and a . from my moniker.


still here too


Was living in lancs yearning for yorks. Recently got complaints people didn’t want to call me Lily but didn’t know my actual name. So here’s an opportunity to change that, I thought. Am oop north on pretty much every other forum I am on (perhaps I should get a life instead) but thought I should add my real name for less confusion. No avatar (yet) cos on my laptop I seem to have fouled up permissions so I can’t access any photos…


Hi I’ve also made the journey over from the old forum. My name is Stephen but I answer to Steve as well.

My avatar is a picture of Liverpool FC legend and England World Cup winner “Sir” Roger Hunt whom I was fortunate to watch play at Anfield in the late 60s and meet in person.


Thought it best to keep the same Moniker so as to avoid confusing anyone. Joined the old forum in 2007 I think…

Photo is at the Col de Cayolle btw :slight_smile:


Hi all, was a member of the old forum but never posted as far as I remember.
Long time naim owner, 82 or possibly 81.
Must get an avatar pic sorted out.
My user name is my name with bysea added on the end, I use it for my photography, my wordpress blog about living with and beyond cancer and a few other log in.
When I am not spending money on naim, music or cameras I tend to spend it on travel.


I was on the old forum but only posted a little which got me into the top 1000 so not very high up.
I found this old picture for my avatar so thought I would post before anyone else uses Sweep.



I think what you’d have to do is mute all sub fora notifications and then you will get no notifications at all.



Steve w here…on the old forum for sometime…liking the new look ! Hope this place continues to be interesting and a source of information and help to old and new members alike !


Dropped the 15 from the old place . Pete T is how I’m known to everyone really , pic is me last year in Berlin . I was born in Stockport and raised in Saddleworth . I’ve also lived in Sydney , Perth and Auckland .Now happily residing in West London. I’ve worked in Engineering , Films and now trying my hand at property . A very keen traveller and motorcyclist , I ride a KTM 1190 Adventure which is like a rocket ship with armchair comfort .

I’ve been a Naim owner since 1989 and joined the old forum in 2013 when I bought an ND5XS , the knowledge gained since has been invaluable and at times expensive … :slight_smile:


Same old name from last time and use the same name on Pink Fish.

New forum so changed my Avatar from Nick Drake to a picture of my Beagle Max who is four years old.


The avatar, well my musical hero. I’m a fan, can’t play anything, don’t know a syncopation from a semi quaver but music is a huge part of my life. John Peel was the classic music fanatic.

The name: well my name is John B… so it seemed a logical forum moniker.

The history, here since late 2004. A very difficult year with the death of my father and a very serious illness to my brother (thankfully totally recovered). I decided I deserved a treat by the end of they year and joined the forum whilst I awaited my CD5x/112x/150x to arrive.

Nice to see such a positive start to the new forum. Hopefully most of the old brigade will come over.