Introductions - members from old forum as well as new members


I’ve adopted a nickname which I acquired in my teens, and which reflects my lifelong interest in music and the machines which reproduce it. I used to use my real name in the old forum, David O’Higgins, but the new forum won’t allow an apostrophe in a user name. This is a regrettably common ocurrance now, even in Ireland. It seems to be due to lazy programming, which assumes that text is within single quotation marks, thus preventing an apostrophe as part of text. Of course the programmers could fix this by specifying that text appears within double quotation marks, but I’ve long ago given up the struggle!


Not to worry MDS, it is still regrettably the manner in which I find myself living my life!


Can’t say “William” when I’m drunk.




Thanks SJB, appreciated. I’ll have look through the settings.


Managed to get myself let back in.

Still the same old Quo-loving, railway modelling, real beer drinking, long-haired, left wing hippie as before.

steve :grinningnl


Hi all,

Mulberry here, same name as on the old forum. Joined that around the time I bought my Naim electronics (SN 2 and DAC). Both still around and doing a fine job. Nearly bought a olive Nait 2 back in the late eighties, but couldn’t come up with the money. Bought a Cyrus 2 instead, seems like a noticeable preference for integrateds with a 2 in the name.

My nickname is a result of yet another time consuming effort to spell my last name (as part of my mail address) to an English speaking person. Looking for inspiration I saw a piece of furniture painted in mulberry. Still like the color, furniture and nickname. The new picture shows some mulberries.


Moved over from old forum.
Done = First name and first letter from Family name.
Non original avatar I know, but best I could do for now.


Hi guys - made it over here from the old forum but started out on the first really old forum!

Naim user since 1988 (Nait 1), eventually upgraded to NAC102/HICAP/250/SBL. Did some reviewing for Hi-Fi News and a couple of other magazines for a few years as a very enjoyable sideline but now back to ‘civvy street’. Love music and films and have pursued experiencing them in the highest possible quality all my life. Sound and its quality reproduction remains an absolutely pivotal core to my life and the joy of seeing a live band, discovering a new artist or hearing an album on a good system is a thrill which remains undimmed to this day! I still get as much of a buzz from music at 49 as I did at 19.

I took up electric guitar 3 years ago and am officially the world’s worst electric guitarist, but I’m enjoying the journey and making a lot of noise along the way!! The avatar shows me with my Strat.

Looking forward to more fascinating discussion and debate here!

Jonathan Gorse


Ha! I’m in, and I didn’t have to change my handle. Brilliant. Hello all!


I’m here as well. Same username, same avatar. Glad to be back.

The colour scheme of the new forum reminds me of…

Oh yes!


Well I made it to the new forum. I was Michael on the old forum and didn’t manage to get in quick enough to secure my original name so it’s MichaelF from now on! Hi to all friends old and new.


Was Geoff C - now GeoffC ! I had an avatar picture of my Donald Fagen promo single CD for ‘I’m not the same without you’ as my previous avatar. Since we were told the new ones would be circular I have used part of an old logo of mine, which is easy for me to find/see here if I need to.


Moved over from the old forum tonight, used to be Mercky but as you can see I’m now Hollow! Mercky was an old moniker I used on a car forum years ago so it’s been a good opportunity to update, Hollow is a nickname a good friend gave me a few years back due to my voracious appetite and it kinda stuck. Avatar is a pic I took about 15 years ago of Dublin Bay and it has some personal significance. Looking forward to getting my head around our new home.


Hi folks, I have moved over from the old forum (only joined at the end of 2016) but I have been a Naim owner since around 1983. I have taken the opportunity to change my forum name from Chunky to Neil-26. I have also changed my avatar from a photograph of our cat to a photograph of a lovely pint of bitter.


Just in case you’re interested, you can change the background to a dark or grey theme under the account preferences function.

Cheers, Nigel


Decided to reduce the old forum name to avoid the requisite “dot” or “dash” between given name and family name.

And the avatar, which used to show us enjoying a Nineteenth Hole drink and lunch, has changed to one of our trips from Vernon to Springbank (Calgary) crossing over the Monashees (the first part of the Rockies on our journeys)


Same user name as my last log-in name, ie pre-flouncing away. Naim owner for more than 30 years, just about got the hang of LPs and FM radio. Slver discs are nearly getting old enough to be interesting. Been on a Naim forum for more than 30 years, from the time when 6 packs, Mana and LP12s ruled and the thought of cables being of benefit had not made it out of the loony bin.

Avatar is a selfie, honest (no, perhaps it is a painting by a rather eccentric Danish artist). Had it really been a selfie I would have had to shoot myself.


Hi, transferred from the old forum. Same username but have changed picture from an elk to one of my dogs, Digby.


Here from the old forum, the name remains the same, hoovering up information and using the Music Room as a Roon recommendations substitute. My avatar is part of my tattoo.


HI, i seemed to have lurked on the old forum far to much! must try to change that.
Avatar is somthing made in the same town as myself, tho i`m not quite as old.