Introductions - members from old forum as well as new members


Hi all,

I’ve been a member of the old forum since 2013, when I first entered the world of HiFi (with Naim obviously!). Not posting very actively, but lurking practically every day and getting ideas for my next upgrade…

My nickname goes a long way back when I wanted to register in an automotive forum and vent some frustration after my brother had rolled our brand new Seat Ibiza…!!! (no-one was harmed, thankfully…) It’s an acronym of Seat Ibiza - Honda Civic Type R and it sounds a bit like a soft Greek swear word (“σιχτίρ”). I’ve been using this nickname consistently in most forums I join since then.

My avatar is the aforementioned Ibiza, having been rebuilt, parked somewhere close to an Acropolis Rally special stage. Photo taken with a ancient Nokia mobile around 2003!


Hi all, just popping in. Nice place you got here. Better than the last one I think, liked the 2nd one best tho.

Looks to be work friendly which is the main thing.

Avatar is the first thing that appeared on my pics folder, think it’s a late night tales cover.

Have fun :slight_smile:


Most of you know who I am already. For those who are new here, I am the forum moderator. I started working at Naim back in 2002, first as customer service manager, then as export sales manager. These days I moderate the forum and work as a brand ambassador for Naim.

Anyway, I just want to take this opportunity to say hello to all of you.

I would also like to repeat here what i just wrote on an other thread - that the transition to a new forum has been a team effort, and it wouldn’t have been possible without everybody involved putting in so much hard work. So thanks to all of you, and especially the Beta forum members for all your efforts to making today go as smoothly as possible.

Welcome to the new Naim forum!


Thanks Richard,
Moving the cheese is never easy. Have resolved not to complain (were it necessary) for at least a month!
Well done to all.


Hello Groovers,

Thought I’d use my full name in the new forum, just to underscore who I am. Seemed appropriate to use a real photo of me as well. In my younger life in the old place I was DenisA, so not much change really. I only post in the Music Room in order to share my changing listening habits and appreciate any new musical paths to follow.

Onwards & Be Friendly



TOBYJUG. Hello everyone again. Was wondering whether to go lower case or large. Being only a little painted receptacle I might have a size issue.


Forester here. More of a lurker than a top 500 poster. The name, and avatar when I work out how to add one (any advice welcome) reflects my origin and where I hope to move back to in the near future. I was going to use my forename but there is one already out there and hopefully more to come.



Just had my approval email so here I am. Was Redmires on the previous forum so that’s how I’ll stay.

Redmires - I used to live on the edge of Sheffield near the Redmires reservoirs. The great outdoors. I recently moved down to Monmouthshire which is just as beautiful so really I should think of a new name.

Avatar - my T120 Bonneville, although the small avatars are hard to make out now. It was previously a jpg saying “I Love The BBC” (as in Radio 4 etc) but these days I believe BBC could be taken for something quite different :open_mouth:

Hi-fi - Naim/Linn setup. Nothing fancy and I don’t make changes very often at all. My Uniti will be approaching its 10th birthday this year.




Was Paul Davies on the previous forum and am forced by the restrictionsonusernamesinthenewforum to be PaulDavies.

My avatar is an old photo of me. My appearance has changed so much in the intervening years that I doubt that anyone would recognize me from it now.


Click on your current avatar “F”
Click on the little cog wheel, top right, it then says “preferences”
You should get a summary of your profile with an option to add an avatar
Select your avatar (photo ?)
Paste into the bottom option, which I think says “Custom picture”

Hope this works !


Thanks Don. I have been pressing buttons at random all day but somehow ignored the cog! The only slightly worrying thing is that the info provided included details of an ipad recently used in Wiltshire. Odd as mine is with me 20 miles west of Glasgow.



Odd as mine is with me 20 miles west of Glasgow.

And according to my profile, the Windows device I’m currently typing on is actually in Oswestry, about 70 miles away from me.


Oh dear, are you being cloned ?

Or might it be something to do with Naim being based in Wiltshire ?

20 miles west of Glasgow has you in Aire, the Isle of Arran or Kyles of Bute (forgive the spellings) or the Atlantic…


HearingAid is back. Don’t have any hearing aids.
Still trying to decide on an avatar. Never got around to adding one in the last forum either.



I don’t think the “recently used devices” feature is working properly. My devices appear to be operating from Cumbria and Cheshire. I’ll mention it to our site developer.


Don, Perhaps I should have been a bit more accurate: 20 miles WNW of Glasgow. About 80 yards north of the Clyde between Dumbarton and Helensburgh.


Formerly NaimJazzDoc … I fancied a change!


No need to explain the avatar except for taking the opportunity to thank again its painter living down under who gracefully let me use it. I have joined the forum in early 2012 when I purchased S/H and without audition my first Naim combo, the venerable 122x/150x. It was not that long ago and I can still reminisce about the joy of accessing the x suffix for the greater timbres and PRaT after I had missed the Nait 1 for my Kans almost 30 years earlier.
So many hours of pure musical and audio delight since then, in particular after I have acquired the wonderful NDS. This as I am expecting my ND555 to come in da house anytime now and am literally negotiating for the third time the possible trade of my 252 for a 552.
This is all what this forum is about, sharing the Naim experience with others and… climbing the ladder together. Long live the new, and old, forum!

Cheers -


Evening all. And good to see some familiar ‘faces’ here. I was Lutyens, (I am an architect!) but in the spirit of giving a real name I have come out!

The avatar is a bike that I recently made the frame for and then built up. (N+1 etc). So yes, I cycle and listen to music on a stack of olive gear and an LP12. Not at the same time! I have recently moved out of London to the edge of the chilterns which is interesting after 30 years in the smoke…

Oh, and Naim have got my location spot on! Fascinating!


Good to see you here. Your electronic music recommendations have been spot on. Thank you :loud_sound: