Introductions - members from old forum as well as new members


Same avatar and username - both reflecting a lifelong love affair with Liverpool FC. Saw my first game in 1964, followed them around Europe for 20+ years. Former shareholder - still a season ticket holder. Naim user since 1995 - current kit is Nova, Core, LP12, Qb x 2. Keen cyclist (4 bikes). Ex-ski instructor (CSIA L2). Ex-football player/manager/coach. Enjoy fly & sea fishing. Frequently trespass on golf courses. Student of military history and politics. Music lover & poor pianist. Founded/sold IT consultancy. Terminal cancer. 63.


winkyincanada here. Same name as the old forum. New avatar. The photo is of me shortly after Dirty Kanza last year. In the lottery for this year’s race. Wish me luck!


I seem to have failed to work out how to migrate from the old Forum so I am reinvented, albeit only slightly.

My avatar is Goredale Scar on a wintry day, losing my old favourite Albrecht Durer Hare picture for a bit. I live a few miles away.

I joined the Forum a long way back to learn about HiFi now I try to give something back mostly about music and enjoy debating a bit in the Padded Cell. I use the Forum during busy days for mini ‘time outs’ that just allow me to reset and then get back to work again as well as when I have more free time.

I am a cyclist with a bike almost for each day of the week, but too few days at the moment to use them. I play local league cricket every summer and restore my old car, old house…and don’t mention my wife!

Cheers Bruce


Was not a member of the old forum for that long, but back here, same UN but no space!!

Will sort out the Avatar image later :slight_smile:


Wishing you luck winky !


Joined the old forum in January 2013 after a friend finally persuaded me that network music streaming might be the way to go. I was still pretty sceptical so decided to dip my toes in the water fairly gently with a Naim ND5XS. A number of contributors to the forum were of invaluable aid in helping me to understand the basic concepts of CD ripping and music streaming. I don’t have the ND5XS any more (my only Naim kit is a lovely Muso Qb these days), but have remained with the forum because I have always found it much more interesting and informative than most other hi-fi forums out there.

My Avatar is my old Primare 928 pre-amp which I used with the matching Primare 928 monoblock power amps. The monoblocks were purchased directly from the designer of the amp in Denmark who had moved on to help found Bow Technologies and had more recent (and even more expensive) amplifiers to hand. He was able to find me a matching 928 pre-amp from a source in Denmark.
Sadly, I don’t have them any more, but at the time I got them, they represented a massive step up in sound quality and I still love their styling.


I’ve always thought the 928 looked fabulous. I’ve never seen a set for sale though, or heard them either. David Price wrote an interesting retrospective review on the Primary 928 in this month’s Hifi News. He reckons it’s still up there with some of the best.


Hi everyone! Migrated from the old forum. My initials -audio this time and new avatar. I really do like the new layout - especially in the dark mode - if the old forum will be available as an archive - as promised - I’m very happy with the new one. I’m looking forward to you experiences and interesting conversations!


Yeti42 on the old forum but the new one let me drop the number. I picked up the name Yeti during my year at university and it followed me arround so I adopted it. My old avatar was an album cover, the new one is a picture of what I first heard music played on and for the following 18 years so it is probably to blame.


hello fellow Naimees

I was Antony D on prev fourm - now just Antz, love my system for me best from Salisbury and Glasgow with LP12 and Naim electronics follow the forum with interest, contribute when I can
looking forward to getting adjusted to new forum

Had the chance to meet and get to know a number of members at events and demos, share information and experences - hope to do more of the same in 2019
enjoy the MUSIC! :sunglasses:


I have been in the forum since 2007. My avatar is me in a small restaurant, with my wife taking the pic, in Savona, Liguria, on summer 2018. Weltfaul has an interesting story as word, but not so interesting to be told publicly. I just thought it was good to represent me in a world of people aching to leave a deep footprint on life’s and the Planet’s surface.



Hello everyone,

New on the new Naim UK forum, I live in Switzerland and have been passionate about the Naim brand for more than 10 years.

I speak English thanks to google translation! :sweat_smile:

My main system is a CDS / 72 / Active SBL four pack.

I am happy to join you.

See you soon,



I was on the old forum for about 7 years. A daily visitor, I didn’t post that much, apart from the occasional comment, usually intended to be humorous. Although I did enjoy posting on GraemeH’s Listening Chain Challenge thread a few years ago.

MY avatar is a crop of a photo I found in my dad’s things. It’s a photo of a band my dad knew in the 1930s and is appropriate as I play sax In a couple of bands.



The amount of people who’ve changed their names! I have no idea who’s who that was on my ignore list from the last forum. And I’ve no idea where my Naim logo shot is for my profile pic.


Thanks Richard.

I must check out the retrospective review on the Primare 928s for nostalgia’s sake.

The 928 pre & monoblocks were superb in their day and had a really good inbuilt phono stage, but time moves on. I had them serviced and re-capped before part exchanging them for my current amps. I demoed them against 5 pretty well respected much more modern amps and was surprised at just how much they held their own. In fact, the monoblocks sounded almost identical to an MBL power amp I auditioned.

My main reason for changing was that I had always felt that I could do with more powerful amplification for my Magnepan 3.6Rs which represented quite a complex load. Good though the 928s were, my current and much more modern Lindemann amps (around 450w into 4 ohms) are better in just about every way, and my Trigon Advance phono amp is also just that little bit better than the built in phono stage in the 928 pre. The Lindemanns look attractive to me in their own way, but definitely not in the same design league as the 928s.


Was Me. Then Gary Shaw. Then me again.

Avatar has changed to a poster for Quicksilver Messenger Service by Rick Griffin, both all-time favourites and unsurprisingly would love to return to the time Happy Trails was released.


You have a fantastic system!

Welcome to the forum : )


Yes it’s a bit confusing with people changing their names.

I wonder if it would be helpful for people to put their old forum name in their profile for a while until we get used to the new one?


That would really spoil their fun !


Some of you might have connected already that I am Th former Bert Schurink. Given the fact that I need to choose something else, I combined it as people at work can’t pronounce my Dutch name properly and most call me Burt or even write it like that, which also sounds like Bird. I do also connect myself with the animal bird as it’s flying in the sky and is free. The specific icon is the icon of a big transformation program I am responsible for. I like to use it as it’s a Phoenix which is a Bird and it’s orange…