Introductions - members from old forum as well as new members


Thanks Debs!


Hi all!

I too have migrated from the old forum (joined 2005) and have always used my real name.
My avatar is my love and passion for the legendary British Rail Class 55 ‘Deltic’ locomotive of which I have been a huge fan of since my childhood days (I was a very avid ‘train spotter’ and a model railway enthusiast in my younger years). I am also a huge fan of using Naim gear since 1996 that grew from a demo of a 92/90.3amplifier I experienced at my local dealer. I was really looking forward (at that time) to upgrade from an old Arcam Alpha 5 to a Arcam Delta290, but my local dealer sprung this ‘slimline’ Naim amplifier onto me after I was initially disappointed with the sound from the bigger Arcam. I have been addicted to the Naim way ever since. My current system is a NaimCD5Si -NAIT5Si with Neat Motive SX2 loudspeakers. I hope to add to a ND5 XS 2 in a few weeks time, followed by a FraimLite shortly afterwards. I am very pleased to have made it here as my computer skills are very limited and so is my grammar, so I will apologise in advance. Thanks.


Used to be jfritzen but it’s more practical to have the full first name in the forum name. Have lived with the mistake since I joined the forum in December 2008. Now was the time to change this. A hybrid Linn and Naim system, with a Linn DSM as source and pre and Naim amplification and speakers (SL2s). I’m a big fan of active operation, even with “only” NAP250 amps.


Just for you Stephen, a welcome to the new forum gift



Over from the old forum but only joined 6 months or so ago. 2018 was the year I rediscovered my music mojo after years of not being that interested. I’m enjoying it again so much I have no idea why I drifted away.

Flachead comes from the days I logged into websites when things were all a bit more uncertain, thought I preferred anonymity but now it doesn’t bother me. Real name is Karl.

I learned a lot from the old forum and in 2019 I hope to continue with a speaker upgrade and plenty of tweaking.

And found some great music through the music room as well.

I’ve steered clear of some of the more controversial threads, my father ran a pub and one of his rules was never to talk to customers about politics or religion, it would never end well. Still might venture of piste this year.



Inspiration - Thomas O’Malley from Disney’s Aristocats - probably my first Disney movie as a kid.

Have always enjoyed music of many genres.

ITT, Alba and Fidelity music centres when I was young.

Became hooked on hi-fi at University when I happily looked after a fellow student’s Pink Triangle turntable and ancillary equipment over the summer break in the 80’s.

Started with Arcam alpha amp, B&W DM110i speakers, a fantastic Yamaha dual tape ‘ghetto blaster’ with line in/out and turntable input and a particularly naff Sony turntable which was on clearance in a local electrical retailer - should have got a Dual.

Never really took to CD despite several attempts including a Naim spinner, can’t even remember which - I hope it’s still in the attic after the builders mucked around.

Had a Revolver turntable in the 80’s, followed by Linn Axis/Basik/K9, replaced by an LP12 which I still have, at the time into a Linn Intek. B&W speakers replaced by utterly amazing Epos ES14s in early 90’s which I appreciate are marmite speakers but I’d rank as the best value component I’ve ever purchased as I use them to this day.

NAC 72, HICAP, NAP 250 in early 90’s, followed by active SBLs a few years later. The Epos were relegated to rear surround speakers but are main speakers at present.

Little appetite for change until recent years.

Having waited ages for digital to mature I resisted a streamer but eventually got an Atom while my main kit was in storage, it had a fault, and I replaced it with a Nova which is fantastic, but then one day I found my misplaced LP12 platter in storage and now mainly play vinyl again either via Nova/NAP 250 or newer components pre/power combos…


Hi there !

Migrated from the previous forum to this one.

My real name is Marco, but I always use the same on forums, which is Alcide Nikopol. It comes from anti Hero in a science fiction graphic novel by Enki Bilal, the “Nikopol Trilogy”. My avatar shows Alcide Nikopol and Horus, the Egyptian God.

I always loved graphic novels, science fiction, and ancient Egypt, so the choice was quite evident. Furthermore, the e-mail address was still available. :grinning:

I grew up in Switzerland and still live there. My fascination for NAIM started with a brand new NAIT2 and hasn’t diminished since. Now I have a High spec olive system and still loving it.

MArco :tophat:


Abraham De Lacy, Guiseppe Casey, Thomas O’Malley to give you your full name!




…one of many voiced by Phil Harris.


Hi All
This will probably sound familiar to many, been a Naim owner for 18 years and with early retirement 8 years ago I got back into listening to music again. Was on the last forum but not very active, but an excellent lurker.
Since retirement i have been slowly upgrading my system, usually 1 upgrade a year (except for the S/L cables, the Din-Din and speaker cables, which I didn’t know I needed so desperately :grinning:)
One of my other hobbies/enjoyments are my old cars, my avatar is my fully restored 1968 Shelby GT350 and also in the processes of restoring a 1969 Ford Mustang Boss302. My wife doesn’t understand why I need 2 extra “old” cars, actually, she’s a bit the same with the black box upgrades, doesn’t quite get it:grinning::grinning::grinning:
Plan on contributing more to this forum, why, don’t know, just feels right. (old name Lifesabreeze)

NDX,XPSDR,282,S/CapDR,250DR, S/L’s,Totem Signature One speakers - Next upgrade to be either NDX2 or 252, Ummmm!!!



Hi all

I have been kicking about since 2015 i think it is. Loving the new forum. Vibe was a bit interesting on the old forum at times so looking forward to where this takes us all.




bazz on the old, baz on the new. My name is Barry, generally known as baz. Tried for that moniker when I joined in 2002 but some rotter had snaffled it.

Never saw it used there, but it wasn’t taken this time.


Hello everyone!

Liking the new Forum look…

My moniker amuses me, if no one else. Have been more of a lurker on the old Forum for about 5 years, hope to be a bit more active on the new…


I was notnaimman, I still am. Before I went down the current road I loaned a friends system and it did not gel in my room.
I changed my name because I felt like it.
I had no avatar before. The picture is of our cats, I sort of felt the need following a ginger appearing on the old forum system pictures.
Currently, LP12 all that is left from 1978 is the top plate and lid so Kore, Cirkus, Lingo 4, Ittok, AT33 PTG - EAR 834P, EAR 859SE, Melco N1A, Audiolab mDac+, Chord Epic and Epic Reference - Graham Audio LS5/9


Wot, no Naim?


I have migrated over from the previous forum and kept my same user name. Wenger 2015.

I have been an Arsenal fan for many a year and particularly liked the fact our previous manager Mr Wenger was very much his own man…preferring to try and build a team on a budget rather then spend a fortune and 2015 was when I joined the forum.

Originally from Canada but have been residing in Somerset for many a year.
Always try and be helpful if possible and certainly respectful of everybody’s point of view…

After all it’s ‘really about the music’ :smile:


Same avatar, same forum name, no change here.

ATB Graham


Back with the same avatar, but shortening the moniker from Kevin J Carden in a belated, stable-door slamming attempt to acquire a degree of anonymity. Or maybe not!
System details in profile.


Hi all ,I too have migrated over from the old forum and decided to retain the old username and avatar which features a certain Mr Clapton.i am very happy with my current system, but look forward to the continuing recommendations of fellow members so I can purchase more music.It is after all our love of music that brings us here :grinning:


hi all :slight_smile: