Introductions - members from old forum as well as new members


Well this is a rather lovely idea. Been a Naim owner since 2002 when I acquired the CDX2 which is remarkably still going strong. Forum member since the year after. About to cave and dem the NDX2.

My name is self-explanatory. The avatar used to be an old Grundig reel to reel, which belonged to my maternal grandmother. I couldn’t remember where I’d filed it so decided to switch to an old photo of me which is of some significance in my life because it’s printed backwards. I’m sure the explanation can wait for a more appropriate occasion.


Not quite the philosopher’s LP12 then :grinning:


Hello all. I’ve been a fairly prolific poster since I got back into music in 2013. Although I took a year out when my firstborn arrived.

Most regulars from the old forum know me as that bloke who used to work in the trade in the 90s; then emigrated to Japan; complains a lot; and is wrong about everything :slight_smile: .


I seem to have made it over to the new forum unscathed although I appear to be late to this thread party.

Same Avatar. Same moniker which is my real christian name followed by the initial of my real surname.

Why the Avatar? Well I have always been a fan of Tommy and it is reminder, mainly to me, that we (read I) should never take this hobby of ours too seriously and to always keep things lighthearted, although on occasion I fail dismally on both counts.


Migrated from old forum. Longish-term user there.

Same avatar: Reception Records, home for a time of The Wedding Present - may they live forever!

Now anonymised.

More interested these days in posting about music than hi-fi. This may indicate satisfaction with current set-up…



Finally found the switch over from the dark side after a few days in cyber wilderness. Same name, same avatar - a side view of a Totem Forest looking out over the harbour…


Same nickname as on the old forum. I started posting on the Mana forum back in the day and posted as a guest for many years on the old Naim forum. Also on Pink Fish.

Got a new avatar. Although my labrador is still alive and well he was getting tired of being recognized in the street by Naim afficionados.


Same old me.

Been here (or there) since 2004 but now showing as 2019 so that means I can also take 15 years off my age too. (I wish)


Quality band. I love their Dopethrone album.

My bit: Couldn’t use my old forum name because it had asterisks in it.
Dave because it’s my name.
Revolutionary because I’m working on a thesis which defines a new view in metaethics, which I call revolutionary relativism. So in a mildly ridiculous way, I’m a revolutionary.
The avatar is from The Death of Socrates by Jacques David, which is a fictionalised depiction of Socrates as he was forced to kill himself with hemlock. My masters thesis (that I’d not long finished when I picked the avatar for the old forum, so it was on my mind) was on Socrates, and I find the painting inspirational - there’s a copy of it hanging over my desk, and I managed to go and see the original in New York. It was ace.


Welcome over Nigel, good to see your (TC’s) happy face. I must say I was amused with the changes for the seasonal festivities.


Timbo here! Moved over from the old forum. Glad Naim are still supporting this as I have had lots of useful information from fellow forum members.

Big change this year, currently in Edmonton Canada, snow on the ground and a wind chill of about -25. Will be moving back to England in the Daventry area later in the year. Wondering what Brexit will bring, assuming we will all cope OK.




Hi All,
I’ve migrated/been pushed from the old forum where I was a sometime contributor for several years. I really can’t remember what my screen name was; maybe my real name (Graeme MacArthur). No matter. Aoxomoxoa now because I love The Dead. I used to have an Aoxomoxoa avatar in the old forum but I seem to have lost it. In the meantime the app seems to have acquired a fairly recent photo of me from somewhere. Google I expect. Curse you Google.


Thanks Mike, glad to see you here also. Yes Tommy has hung up his Santa hat for another year and is back to the Fez.


Johnell from previous forum. I hadn’t intended to change my name but when I saw that plain old John was available I snaffled it.


Jeff here…was on the old forum and posted off and on for number of years. Need to sort a new avatar.

My nickname came from living and working in Rio for a number of years. Only interest really is music, and not interested really in boxes - just how they sound. My daughter still tells people how the first concern I had after I agreed to go to Brazil was not where I would live, but how I could take a decent HiFi with me - Uniti and totem rainmakers served me well while I was there


SamS - Same as it ever was. I joined the old forum around 2002-03 or maybe a bit earlier.
I know it was around then because I remember picking up a Pineapple Thief CD (Variations on a Dream) which was recommended on the forum, by IIRC Nick Lees who is further up thread. Amazing the things the brain hangs on to (I hope I got it right Nick and if so a very belated thank you for the recommendation).

I haven’t posted as much as i would like since work, kids etc. tend to keep me very occupied, mostly in a good way, and the fact that English isn’t my first language, having grown up in New Jersey, USA (Exit 18).

I moved to London in 1987 and heard my first Naim system at a friends flat - 62/90, Kans - a few years later and was blown away so dived in around 1992 with a CDS, 72, Hi-Cap, 250 & Epos ES14s - absolute heaven.

The Avatar is a swatch from a David Bowie costume worn in the Ziggy days.


Hi everyone. I came over from the old forum too, just dropping the space in my name as I travelled. I have been an active forum member for three years or so, since I got into Naim and a beta tester much of that time too. I tend to inhabit the streaming audio room more than the others.

Prior to Naim I had Quad equipment for many years and still use my last set of Quad-era speakers, one of which is in my avatar photo with one of our lovely Maine Coon cats showing me that she goes where she likes, regardless of what I think.

Mostly I listen to classical music and I’m a big fan of radio 3 FM, which is on in my home office pretty well all day. I used to be a telecoms engineer but these days I operate mainly in the regulatory and policy space, especially in relation to radio spectrum. As I mentioned in another thread, I greatly enjoy cooking and spend a lot of time and effort choosing the right wine too. Both activities go well with the music!



We need to see the business this year @Nigelb, easy to post pictures…the 552 needs unveiling in your new house when you move. Dimensions of the room would be useful so we can work out how many forumites can fit in for the house warming.


Hi Gazza. My problem is not posting pictures but getting this move done. It is proving very tricky, but if and when I get there I will be sure to post a pic of my Fraim of Naim together with my best socks.
At least I won’t be short of music for the house warming!


Hello there !

my login handle remains the same old same old - mpw

I am from Mumbai, India

Pleasure to be back on the Naim forum

I am quite far from a Naim dealer or service center so this forum helps me connect and post my questions or problems that i may have from time to time.

( Like i have done so yesterday in Hificorner and i am hoping for Richard or senior members to look at it :grinning: )

I also like to read about Bexit on this forum and try to get a whiff of the wind direction.

Of course i see the news and things but forum discussions are quite informative too…

I consider Brexit to be very important issue and want that all of multi-cultural UK live long, in peace and prosper and not bicker and fight.

I think the UK is very important for the world and so is the EU actually and that both can give and take and people can have fun.

My profile pic lists 10 things that require ZERO talent.

Its something that i like to read sometimes and ground myself.

best regards to all and thanks for having me

Mumbai, India