Is your dealer on here, and still going strong?


To be honest didn’t know him very well. Just used to have a bit of chat when I took my LP12 in.

Yep, I was more surprised by the places that did not have easy access to naim gear.
And how some dealers had entire regions sown up. ( SW England).
And, if you lived in Salisbury and wanted naim, where was your nearest dealer? Basingstoke? Certainly nothing in Southampton. Although I did think there was a dealer in Chandlers Ford at the time? This was at a time when I was working for a film company in Southampton. ( cling film). More North Baddesleywood, than Hollywood.

No and Yes.

When I am back in the UK, then I visit Soundcraft in Ashford. Very good.

Sorry Biglloydy, I was not supposed to reply to you, but the thread in general.

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Still the same phone number too. ( not that I know it!)

(not Sevenoaks)
Audio T. still there.

There still is … but you have to work there to shop from there.

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Doug brady as far as k ow is still trading in Warrington
Used him a lot many years ago but not in the last 15 years
Does anyone know if doug is still with us in person he was a nice old man full off knowledge and very easy to talk to

I have my Northampton and St Albans dealers mixed up. There was hi fi dealer on Hollywell Hill St Albs where memory tells me I got the Kans. Northampton Gold Street was where I first demo’d the Nait 2.

I bought my first Naim boxes in 1983 from Sound Advice in Loughborough, run by Derek Whittington and his lovely wife Clare. I spent hours there and was even trained to be their Saturday boy, but unfortunately the current Saturday boy decided not to leave. Their experience and enthusiasm was second to none and they were the best dealer I’ve ever experienced. Sadly it all went wrong and they are no more.

When I moved to South London I used Spaldings in Croydon, who were ok but nothing more, and they are no longer with us.

We moved to the south coast in 1992 and since then I’ve been going to Audio-T in Portsmouth. It may have still been Jeffries back then, I’m not sure. Nick Chapman was manager back then and he’s still there and as knowledgeable and helpful as ever.


Don’t remember it being Sevenoaks in 94?
I’m sure the shop is still in the same place though.

Bought my first Naim kit from Audio Counsel (Oldham) in 2000. No longer a Naim dealer but still going. Don’t know when Acoustica started but must have been since 1994.

I used to often gaze at the kit in the window of Audio Excellence on Crwys Road in 84-85 (my final year of university in Cardiff)

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I know Billy Vee is still going. I grew up a 60 second walk away from their shop and as a kid would often just stand outside staring at what new things were in the window displays.

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My first introduction to owning ‘proper’ Hi-Fi was via Tony and Melody Revelle at Audio Excellence in Cardiff who showed me why source first was important. This led to a Heybrook TT2 and Mission Cyrus 1, then a couple of years later an LP12. Naim amps soon followed. David Poole who set my LP12 up went off to setup Creative Audio in Shrewsbury. I’ve seen Mark Raggett mentioned at Audio Excellence too - not sure if it’s the same person at Naim ?

Basically Sound (at the Old School house) kept me going through University and West Midlands audio kept me going when I worked in Malvern (John started MidlandAudio X change when WMA closed)

Great dealers, good times.

The full-service hi-fi shop in Chandlers Ford traded as Hampshire Audio throughout the 1990s — though I’m not sure whether it was a Naim Dealer — until it joined up with Audio T in 1999. I believe it is now the closest Naim dealer to the factory in Salisbury.

The only Sevenoaks shop in Southampton that I knew in the 1990s was in London Road in the centre of town. That has disappeared from the Sevenoaks website, so I fear it may be no more.

That sounds about right. Hampshire Audio.
I don’t think there is a hifi shop in London Rd, Sot’on anymore. There is Richer Sounds though!

Not on this list but Moorgate Acoustics are a great dealer. Been getting my gear from them for over 40 years and 3 shops from their roots in Rotherham to the latest shop in Sheffield.


Mines Top of the list :slight_smile:

My local dealer. Been great in helping me out.

Used to use them to get my Goldring replacement styluses when I first moved to London around 96 but never bought any hardware off them as I was happy with my system for a long time . I didn’t but any new gear really until 2006 when I switched to a 5.1 setup when kids arrived which I regretted after a few years of missing good music playback.

Doug Brady Hifi Warrington
Yes, still going absolute pleasure to deal with first class service a true gem. Jon is a pleasure to deal with along with Andrew the electronics guru (engineer) could easily spend hours yaking to Andrew and Jon.
Extremely knowledgeable and a true passion for Hifi